2014 changes.... Working on me

Im so excited my procedure is on march 29th with...

Im so excited my procedure is on march 29th with Dr.Windell C. Davis-Boutte and i cannot wait. I will post results... I should post before pics but im so embrassed but what the hell i'll do just because it can help someone make their decision like how i made mines by looking on this site at before and afters and reading reviews. Till next time wish me luck.

my surgery

They actually bumped my surgery date up so I didn't get to put up before pics but my stomach was out there for real I have two kids and could not get that fat off I'm still sore so I'll post pics tomorrow all the fat is out so I have lose skin and it looks gross with stretch marks but I promise...


She was so nice even though I wish I had a one on one with her first she was great all I could remember about her was how pretty she is and she keep on saying I'm a hook u up for worry and she keep giving me hugs :-) she made me feel good. Her nurse Mrs. Lee was on point I love her she was GREAT thats all I'm going to say. Mrs Lee knows what she is doing and and does it well she makes you feel real comfortable I love them I would do it all over again with having that one on one with the Dr but I'll have that soon with my post op visits.

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