25, 1 Child, Anxious About Long Overdo Smart Lipo to Abs, Flanks and Lwr Back

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I've always had love handles even growing up...

I've always had love handles even growing up skinny. I was always the tall girl growing up as I entered my 20s my weight started to fluctuate. One year I'm small the next year I'm chubby. But I've always had these stubborn love handles skinny or not. By the way I'm 5'10 around 210lbs. Haven't weighed myself lately lol.

Just made my final down payment

Today I paid the remaining balance for my surgery. I'm so excited!!! May 20 can't get here fast enough. I'm also nervous as well. Does any of you that went to Dr. Boutee as an out of town patient know when you will receive your vitamin kit & pre op basket?

Wish pic

Pre-op appointment; nervous

I finally got my pre-op appointment scheduled after they received my labs. I was sooo nervous that my iron was going to be too low but everything was fine! I only have a week left for surgery!!!!! I still have to go shopping for last minute items & book a hotel room. Excited but nervous!

Night before

Omg it's less than 24hrs away until surgery & im soooo nervous, I pray that everything goes well & that'll she'll be able to erase these love handles lol. Today I arrived in Georgia did my pre-op appointment, it was pretty simple & got my vitamin kit. Surgery is at 10 & they called to tell me to arrive at 9am. Well let me get some rest feeling normal Lolz. I'll upload some before pics.


Ok so it's the day after surgery & im in so much pain. Maybe because I came home today & that was a 5 hour drive!!! But I have 3 drains & they are getting on my nerves! I'm a little upset I didn't get to meet Dr. Boutee but she did an amazing job!!! My love handles are completely gone!!! All I remember the day of surgery was taking 8 pills, pictures & Nurse Lee marking me. After she marked me I laid on my stomach & I was out!!! Lol...I do wake up a couple times during procedure & it hurt like hell!!! Smh & I have a high tolerance for pain. My lower back is really the only area that's very swollen & it's really sore. My stomach is really sore as well. But I'm loving my results. I will take pics with garment off in the morning when I take my first shower. But here are some pics with garment on.

Finally took a shower

This morning I was finally feeling better to get up & take a shower. Pain is bearable just really sore. I have a lot of fluid that I can feel hope that doesn't become a problem. My back drain is still draining a lot but my two in the front have almost come to a stop. I'm just so ready to get these things out!!!! I can't move like I want to with them. Oh & it's a hassle getting the compression garment back on omg!!! Here are some photos that I took once I got out shower.


I'm still really sore & hate these drains, but overall I love my results & it's so early on!!! I've been have this burning sensation in my abdomen but I think that's apart of the healing process as I've seen other people have that too. I just can't wait to get these drains out & be able to move like I want!

Doing good

So far so good! Im irritated by this garment I finally got my new ones & this clamp between the legs is soooo irritating but the nurse recommends I continue to use this kind because of swelling in the pubic area. Sometimes I become so swollen especially when I get off work or constantly moving around.

Waist trainer

It's so hard to keep the right size compression garments. They only last for about 2 weeks & they're too big. I found out that wearing a latex waist trainer keeps the swelling down much more especially while I'm at work. So I'm going to basically wear the panty garment while sleep & waist trainer during the day. So far so good I just hate the way my pubic area looks where the drains were. I hope that changes
Atlanta Dermatologic Surgeon

I've finally scheduled my smart Lipo procedure for May 20, 2017! I'm excited and nervous at same time. But I've been wanting to do this for awhile. Dr. Boutee office staff is very nice so far I'm in the early stages of the process so I'll keep updating.

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