Light Heat Energy Effective, but Topical Anesthetic Must Be Used.

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I was not warned about the pain before my first...

I was not warned about the pain before my first LHE treatment, and almost cried during (I am really afraid of pain). The topical anesthetic cream/gels are expensive and a lot has to be used, but it reduces the pain by 10 folds if used correctly (use 4% lidocaine cream and you shouldn't feel pain).

Anyway, results are visible after about two LHE treatments. For reasons unknown, hair on my right underarm became extremely fine and scarce after only 2 or 3 treatments; this was not the case on my left underarm, where hair was still visible. 3 weeks waiting time between treatments is recommended (they say it will be less effective if you wait longer, but I do that), and the number of treatments depend on the area and thickness of hair.

I was recommended to purchase 6-8 treatments for underarm and 10 for leg -- not sure if hair is more resistant on the legs, because obviously leg hair is much finer than hair on underarm. Also, I noticed that the light pulses hurt much more on higher fat areas (such as on the backside of your calf), therefore it would be wise to start treatment after weight loss. As for the results, I am extremely satisfied. I would recommend LHE to anyone who wants an effective and (nearly) painless hair removal. The only downside is the cost. Will post pictures later. Underarm cost me about CAD $1500, and legs (below knee only) cost about CAD $2500...

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