Lifestyle Lift Not at All What You Expect!

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I had my lifestyle lift performed in April of...

I had my lifestyle lift performed in April of "06 at the Clayton office in St. Louis, Missouri.  I should have known from the onset that there were going to be problems.  I don't even have the time to share everything that has happened during my experience. 

In their advertisment, they state you may go back to work the next day.  I couldn't even lift my head the next day.  They also claim the "local anesthetic, similar to dentist"....That probably was true, but when you go to the dentist, he lets one shot numb and then injects on the margin of that area where it is already numb, so you don't feel 30 to 50 shots....but if you're going to do a treatment in less than 1 hour, I guess you have to hurry as much as possible, even though waiting a minute of two might make the patient much more comfortable. 

Enough ranting.  I liked my results, I very much did not like the experience. 

I have horrible scars in front of my ears, lots of scar tissue under my ear lobes  and they are still painful to touch behind my ears.  I am just as self conscious about my scars as I was about the wrinkles on my cheeks. 

Every time the wind blows I grab my hair.  I have also been asking for my before and after pictures since May '06.  I've documented every time I have called and what they have told me.  So far I requested in person in May '06.  I have also called 5 times since November '06 with another call going out after I post this blog. 

All in all, I feel the statements made by Lifestyle lift are mostly false.  They need to be upfront with patients and tell them what they should really expect, not what 1% of the patients experience.  It hurts badly, you will be off work for close to a week, you will have scars in front and behind your ears, you will feel like you have a very tight mask on for along time. 

Tell patients the truth and let them make informed decisions.  I was not prepared for the trauma of this procedure.

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