I had the Lifestyle Lift and under chin lipo.- Disappointed - Dallas, TX

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I had the Lifestyle Lift and under chin lipo in...

I had the Lifestyle Lift and under chin lipo in Dallas in July 2008. I had high hopes for a positive experience. Here I am almost 2 months post op and my jowls are back already!! The procedure was not as easy as they say. I looked like a monster from all the bruising from about 1 week post op to 4 weeks post op. I could have never gone to work for weeks after. I had a black eye for weeks and didn't even have anything done to my eyes. Every time I went there for a scheduled appointment, I had to wait at least 1 to 2 hours to be seen. Even my next day post op appointment!!! It seemed like a well oiled sales machine. They are so sweet until you have the procedure and then you are just a nuisance to them. My ear lobes are sewed down which is a dead give away to my friends and family that I had something done. My scars are uneven and unsightly in spite of taking every precaution to make them better. I still can't lay my head down to sleep and the itching and tingling are constant. Where they did the lipo under my chin, I have what feels like a piece of rope going down my neck. The "little cut" under my chin turned out to be over an inch long. I believe I could have done a better job sewing myself up than the doctor did. If he is a plastic surgeon then I am a brain surgeon!!! They also refused to honor the $100 coupon I was sent with my intro package! I would never do this again. I know they will offer to do it free to fix my jowl problem but I really don't think I would trust them to cut me again. Go for the REAL thing. I could truely not recommend this procedure at LifeStyle Lift to anyone!

Lifestyle Lift Dallas-Dr. Ho

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