Lifestyle Lift is Better Than Face Lift

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I have heard and seen many women who have had...

I have heard and seen many women who have had both  facelifts and lifestyle lifts done. As strange as it may sound, considering the popularity of facelifts, it was lifestyle life that i found to have satisfied most women i know. They all have been very happy with the results they have seen and after learning this, i also opted for lifestyle lift and i now agree with those women 100%. I had terrible wrinkles on my face, my skin and neck were sagging alot and i needed this procedure to look presentable. At 50, my skin was too wrinkled thanks to all the stress and struggle that comes with age and time. I was given a local anesthesia with a mild sedative through iv to keep me completely relaxed. The surgery took about 2 hours after which my face was bandaged. The doc told me that i would notice bruises and swelling underneath the bandages and that they would wear off within a week or two. I was also given antibiotics to reduce the chances of infection.  The bandage was more like a band-aid on the incision area, so it was not like i was fully bandaged and couldnt step out of the house. The swelling became worse over the night but within the next 2 days, it had gone down significantly although it took 2 weeks for it to go almost fully. I noticed a sudden and dramatic change in my appearence , specially my face. The neck also looks good now although the face looks better. I am a housewife and am at home so i took  lot of rest  till the stitches were removed. As a result, i recovered really fast.

Overall, my neck still has a few ( very few wrinkles), although my face has smoothed out completely. Maybe i can repeat the procedure for my neck again, i don;t know. Havent decided. But yes, the face looks great and i am jubiliant at the results. I just never expected to recover so fast.

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