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Life changing!!

Breast Reduction

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27 Nov 2016

Updated, 4 months ago

Life changing!!

Kim has been amazing from the moment I met her - validating my concerns and providing me with reassurance and genuine care. I am so incredibly happy with the results of my breast reduction from gg to a d cup. I had constant headaches, back ache, poor posture and I felt like I couldn't run around with my kids or take them to the beach because it was so difficult to find a bathing suit that fitted me. Exercising was painful and I was always so self conscious about how I looked. I wanted to be a healthier role model for my kids and be able to enjoy having an active lifestyle with them. Since having my surgery I feel amazing! I can run and I love going swimming! Kim and her staff were incredible! So friendly to deal with and always listened to my questions and concerns. I tell everyone how life changing this has been and cannot recommend Kim or having the procedure done highly enough!