LHR is Not for Olive Color or Tan Skin!

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I was getting glycolic peels from this derm for...

i was getting glycolic peels from this derm for quite some time, the peels were great; however the laser hair removal for my face was horrible! i started out from having a little peach fuzz to having a full grown beard! the hair is coarse and no matter how much i wax or thread it, it comes back! not only has it come back thicker, a lot of it is ingrown. i had over 12 sessions, and a blood test done to determine if it was something with my hormones/thyroid, the tests came back normal! each time the doctor would increase the strength of the laser, which did nothing.

i was then told that it was due to my skin color (which is olive/tan) and thus it did not work. i have 3 girlfriends who also had this procedure done and they are of hispanic descent, and all of them grew more hair and it was dark/coarse as well! i am assuming it was due to the doctor shaving our faces before treating it with laser hair removal!

the laser machine they used on me was called the gentle yag, i can tolerate the rubberband snapping feeling on my face and neck, but the amount of hair on my face has caused me a lot of stress! never get this done if you have anything but fair skin!


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