54 Years Old - Lexington, KY

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I have been doing Botox for about 5 years . I say...

I have been doing Botox for about 5 years . I say instead of tension headaches , I have tension faceache. Botox really makes me feel more rested in the face because I do very close up work.
I went to my Dermatologist for my usual Botox and was informed that they are now using something different, never asked if I want to change my usual just handed me a flier on Xeomin. Looking back I should have said no I want what I have been doing for 5 years.
I don't like the Xeomin at all. My brow does not at all feel relaxed if anything it feels worse. I feel like it went into my lids and made them droopy. I went to my Dr today and told her I did not like it, she just kept looking at me telling me it worked.I proceeded to tell her I don't like it and wanted to know if she would credit me when I do Botox next, because I'm not letting her use anymore of this and feel more droopy, she said no , it's working. I think what she is doing is getting a better deal on this drug because the patent on Botox is up and so this product has been introduced at a cheaper price.
Dr. Roth

I love my Dr but didn't really appreciate not being asked to change from Botox, telling me we are changing it .

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