Just Getting Started on Invisalign

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I'm on my third day and adjusting fine. The...

I'm on my third day and adjusting fine. The inside of my mouth is tender from the edges of the trays, but the trays don't hurt. It just feels wierd to have them in my mouth. I put my first tray in at night prior to bedtime, took two ibuprofin as advised and everything was fine. The trays are a little difficult to get on and off, but I'm getting better at it.

My dentist and her practice specialize in cosmetic denistry and I have a lot of confidence that I'm in very good hands. They have an excellent reputation. I have 7 'buttons' and 13 trays for 2 weeks each for a total of seven months. You can see the buttons, but only if you look closely. I've never had braces before, but my wisdom teeth came in when I was in my 20's and crowded my bottom teeth and affected my bite. The crowding on the bottom has really bothered me. I originally went in for a consult about replacing my veneers, and my dentist pointed out some structural issues that really were preferable to correct.

My insurance paid half of the 5,200. I don't have any issues with brushing my teeth at work; good oral care is always okay in a bathroom - shared or not. Per my dentist's recommendation, I use an alcohol-free rinse and a perscription toothpaste for extra cavity protection(saliva does not circulate and clean the teeth as well with the trays on).

I'm looking forward to seeing my results next January.

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