MM - Surgery Date 11/21 - Lexington, KY

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My surgery is 4 weeks from today. This all...

My surgery is 4 weeks from today. This all started with needing to have one of my 26 year old silicone implants replaced due to a rupture that is currently encapsulated. I've gone back and forth on adding the full tummy tuck but decided to go for it. I'm struggling with the fact that I'm putting myself at risk for vanity sake. Are there a lot of you that have felt the same way? I'm 5"3 and around 149- had hoped to be down to 138 before surgery but that's not going to happen :( I just have that lower abdominal skin that won't tighten up or go away despite weight loss and exercise. It isn't obvious in clothes but it drives me crazy. I'm also pretty nervous about the recovery since I'm no spring chicken anymore in my 50s. I'm working hard to be healthy going into surgery, working out regularly and eating healthy. Would love to hear from others who have struggled with these feelings and maybe from some 50plus ladies that have recently had a MM. (Also decided to do a little fat harvesting to cheeks and lips while I'm at it-lol) I will post some pics before my surgery.
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