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I can't tell you how excited I was and how long I...

I can't tell you how excited I was and how long I had saved to get a lower face lift and neck lift. Dr Waldman promised I would look at the least 10 yrs longer, though my greatest hope was to look firmer and rested and not have people ask me what was wrong and why I look so tired and upset. I wasn't but my face looked that way. One week after my swelling wasn't going down, I had open sores and horrible stitches. Behind my ears and the sides of my face looked like I had been cut and sutered and it kept getting worse. I was told so many reasons but none made sense except my procedure went wrong and Dr Waldman did not want to take responsibility for it. It's been a year and a half and one side of my face sags really bad and under my chin and jaw line (which was the one area I so wanted tightened is really lumpy and saggy. My neck doesn't have any change from my pictures before the surgery. My heart is sickened and he has yet to offer any consolation or responsibilty for taking my money and leaving me this way. I look older and I'm sure my depression and disappointment over this doesn't help. I have been to three other highly recommended surgeons and none of them can believe the scaring and way he left me to cope with this bad surgery. Two of them also told me they didn't understand the scars on my jaw and how he could have done a lower face and neck lift through a 2" incision under my chin. I am so hurt over this and so sick over throwing away 10,000 to look older. I can't stress enough how much you need to research your surgeons. I have since met four other women who have gone through a very similar surgery with Dr Waldman and one was worse than mine. He does not seem to care what your outcome really is or if you're happy with the outcome as long as he gets your money.
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I had to select a star to write this but only give the staff this star. This will probably be erased by his tech dept but Not a day goes by that I don't look in the mirror and cry from the result of the surgery Dr Waldman perform!! I would like to give a good review but I cannot. I was supposed to look rested & supposedly a little younger but I look ten years older!! This has affected every day of my life in a really bad way and I have had no offer to correct or help with this bad surgery!! I have seen two other surgeons (well known) and they have both given me similar opinions in what went wrong but Dr Waldman has never apologized & only makes excuses for what happened. I hope this makes others really think when they're choosing a pmasruc surgeon and research thouroyghly their background!!

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