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I've been thinking about a breast reduction since...

I've been thinking about a breast reduction since I was 16 but I was denied by insurance. So I left it for some years. Now I am 22 and pursuing it again. I'm not sure what size I actually am, but I squeeze into a 36DD. I know for sure I am bigger than that but it isn't easy to find bras that fit. I can only wear sports bras because they are the only comfortable ones I can find. I have neck pain constantly and my back aches at the end of the day. My posture is pretty bad and I am shy about my body. I would LOVE to be a C cup. I want to be able to shop for tops or bathing suits and not stress and become emotional.

I went in for my first consultation last week and talked to the surgeon about the surgery. He answered all the basic questions and said I was a good candidate. He said in order for insurance to pay that 500g must be taken out of each side. But I got a call the other day saying I was denied and needed more documentation. I expected this since I hadn't been to a chiropractor. I have an appointment for a chiropractor on Friday. Hopefully this will be the key to being accepted! Any tips or factors I need that would help me in this process?

I'm just worried I won't be accepted. I don't have that kind of money and I want this surgery so bad!! I really want to get this surgery done this coming summer. I graduate in May and this would be the perfect graduation present to myself!! If you have any tips for me I would glad to hear! Hopefully the chiropractor will be what I need :)

So I went to the chiropractor and he recommended...

So I went to the chiropractor and he recommended me for the breast reduction surgery. I faxed it to the PS's office so hopefully insurance will approve me this time! If not then I will have to go back to my PCP and get medical letters from them as well. Fingers crossed! I'd love to have this surgery done sometime in May. I'm anxious and am so ready to schedule the surgery. It's hard being patient. Now I'm playing the waiting game.
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