Finally Getting It Done! 450cc Silicone High Profile Under Muscle - Lewiston, ID

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I'm terrified, nervous, excited. Time is speeding...

I'm terrified, nervous, excited. Time is speeding by. I'm getting 450cc silicone high profile under the muscle, with a donut lift. I'm confident that my size will be wonderful, but very nervous about the lift. I want perfectly placed nipples. I've been obsessing about researching lift and implant surgery. I have seen too many women end up with still saggy breasts after an augmentation/lift combo. Time will tell. Only 12 days!!!

Before pics.

Surgery in 11 days. Can't wait for these girls to be back where they're supposed to be.

Getting close!

Pre-op appointment is in 4 days. Surgery in 8 days! Everything is paid for, my husband took time off work to help me with everything. Kids are staying at grandmas house. I can't wait until the 20th. I've been wanting this for years. My family is so supportive. Can't wait to have my self-confidence back. Any recommendations on sleeping after surgery? I've always been a stomach or side sleeper, so I'm a bit nervous about how to get comfortable.

Holy cow!

I am so nervous. So excited. Been obsessively reading reviews and seeing photos on here. I can't express how helpful this site has been!

PreOp done!

Just left my Pre-op appointment. I'm so nervous, I almost got sick I the day to the office. Makes me wonder how I will be on the morning of surgery. They scheduled surgery for 9am, I have to be there at 8. I'm so excited, but these nerves are getting the best of me! I'm so ready to be done with surgery, and recovering at home. I've started following two other women on here that are having surgery the same day. I am curious to see how we recover, comparatively. I hope it goes well for everyone! Just 4 more days!!!

Everyone at the office has been wonderful about answering questions, helping me understand the procedure fully, and calm my nerves.

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