375CC Mod Plus Cohesive Gel (1 year update) - Lethbridge, AB

I am in my early 20's, 5 ft 5 and 120 pounds.....

I am in my early 20's, 5 ft 5 and 120 pounds...

I have wanted bigger breast for a couple years now and have finally saved up enough money to get them! I wear a 34 A right now and usually only wear padded bras unless I am at home.

Yesterday (Monday, Feb 11) was my consultation with my doctor. My fiance came with me and was very supportive! The doctor was great. He answered all of my questions even before I asked them. I put the bra on and tried on a few sizes. I had a goal picture that I brought of a woman with about the same measurements that got 375 CC cohesive gel. I tried on both 350 and 375 and I think I am going with 375. He said I should be about a 34 C.... He told me to think about it and call the office once I made a decision.

Well... I called this morning!! I couldn't wait any longer. I made an appointment for March 7. I'm freaking out because It's soo soon. 3 weeks! Hopefully any of you ladies who are having your BA in March will be able to share the same experience with me... Any tips would be great also.

Yesterday I went to the surgeon's office and paid...

Yesterday I went to the surgeon's office and paid for my BA! It was bitter sweet. I had to remind myself that I saved up all the money for a reason.... did anyone else feel that way after you paid? I didn't try on the sizers again. I felt very comfortable with the size - I am going with 375 cc and moderate plus profile. I bought a pillow with arms and 2 extra pillows, a few sports bras, Arnica gel, and some pain meds. I've never had surgery before so I'm freaking out about it. I hope I don't get too sick after I wake up from the general anesthesia. My fiance only took the day of surgery off so I will be alone most of the week I have off! Hopefully I will be able to do most things on my own.
If anyone else has similar stats as me - 5'5 120 lbs and got around 350cc, I'd really love to know what size you turned out to be after BA! I am really excited... anxious... I can't believe it's only 5 days away!
Will keep everyone posted.


Well, surgery is tomorrow, March 7 at 10 am!!...

Well, surgery is tomorrow, March 7 at 10 am!! Can't believe it has finally come. Feeling kind of numb right now. I have never had surgery before and I am really hoping I can be strong tomorrow and have a great recovery. Wish me luck!! I will update you ladies when it is over.


Good night

What a long day! I got to the hospital at about...

What a long day!

I got to the hospital at about 9:30 a.m. as I was told to be there by 10 a.m. but was a bit early. I got admitted and changed into the gown and got an IV started. There was actually 2 women who went before me so I didn't actually get surgery until 2 and a half hours later. I was able to sleep for a while until another women got out of sugery and was moaning in pain!! It scared me! Dr. Hasell came in and marked me up. He talked about the stitches, and the steri strips, and that I would be going home in bandages. I got a prescription for Percocets and they've been working so well. The Dr. who would be giving me the anesthesia came and saw me. Asked a bunch of questions and that was about it. Not long after I was being wheeled into the operating room. Everyone was so friendly and made me less nervous! I am so pleased with how well I was taken care of while I was there. It really made this experience that much better. They placed me on the operating bed, hooked up the heart rate monitors and then they put something in my IV and made me breathe into a mask and that was it! I woke up where I originally was when I got there. I didn't feel any pain at all. I felt a bit hungry after a while and they gave me a cookie. I had the smallest crumb and felt like puking. I also had to use the bathroom before I left and then they gave me something for my nausea. It left a horrible taste in my mouth but it worked. They gave me one percocet and I got dressed on my own. Then I remember my fiance and dad walked me to the car. I felt much better after we started driving. I wasn't so groggy and had no more nausea. We stopped at Tim Hortons and I ate soup and a bun and drank an Ice Capp! I was shocked at how well I was doing. I looked in the mirror and I love how they look! They're so round and seem like a good size for my body. Can't wait to upload pictures to show everyone. :)

Post Op Day 1 - I had a fairly good sleep last...

Post Op Day 1 -

I had a fairly good sleep last night, although I did wake up a few times. I managed to wake up on time to take my medication. I woke up this morning and my boobs were very sore. I slept somewhat up right with my pillow with arms but I found myself almost laying down a few times. I was able to take my bandages off today and take some pictures! I am really loving how they look right now. They're sitting pretty high but they're round and my nipples point forward!! haha

So today is Post Op Day 3 and they are dropping a...

So today is Post Op Day 3 and they are dropping a ltitle each day! They don't feel like they're touching my collar bone anymore. I stopped taking the percocets and switched to regular advil. I was feeling a bit depressed today as I felt useless and bad that my fiance had to do everything for me. He swears he doesn't mind taking care of me but I can't help but feel bad. He has been so helpful. I showered today but with a bikini top on as I was scared to get anything on the incisions. Notes from the doctor also say not to lift my arms above my head for a few weeks so I got my fiance to wash my hair. I put arnica gel on for the first time today. Hopefully it will make a difference with the swelling. I bought a few sports bras before the surgery and I am only able to wear 2 that I bought in a larger size on accident.... I hope it's only because of the swelling. I've been sleeping like a baby every night. This morning after taking a percocet, I was really out of it and ended up falling asleep from 9 am to noon and I was not happy. I wanted to get out of bed earlier and not be so lazy. They were making me really drowsy and I found myself napping way too much. I hope tonights sleep will be okay without the pain killers. Will keep you all posted!

Post Op Day 4 Nothing new to update you guys on...

Post Op Day 4

Nothing new to update you guys on except that I have taken two pills today. I woke up very uncomfortable and it wouldn't go away so I took a percocet and then I took another one an hour ago. It has really helped. I am going to try and not take them every 4 hours though. I feel really good today! More energy than usual and I actually feel like doing stuff. I am going to try and clean up a bit and make my fiance lunch! Woohoo. I love the way they look today. At first I thought they were really small but now that they are slowly dropping, I can tell I was so wrong. I tried to put on this bra I bought before surgery, it was 34 C and the band seems a bit tight still. Hopefully I can fit into some bras this weekend so I don't have to wear a sports bra to work next week.

Sorry I haven't updated since day 4! I've been...

Sorry I haven't updated since day 4! I've been super busy since going back to work last Monday. I also was taking care of my sick fiance and now I am sick!! Funny how that works. I didn't mention my surgery to any of my coworkers and I was so releived when no one noticed. I think it's because with my Mod Plus implants,they don't stick out alot and I feel like I don't look any different than when I was wearing a double padded bra before! Except for when I wear a low cut shirt. You can really see how round they are so I've been wearing sweaters and shirts that cover them up at work. It was quite easy going back. I sit at a desk all day so it wasn't too hard on me except that my back hurt a bit for the first few days. Before I went to work, I was worried that Id look funny walking around because I told my Fiance I was a hunchback but I think that was just me being silly and thinking that my boobs were so heavy! lol
I went to La Senza on the weekend with a few girl friends and we got sized and bought some bras. I went last and I swear my life changed that day. The girl told me I was measuring a 32DD. I was so shocked I just said... "no" and she looked at me and said, "It's because your so small and they're ... so round." My mouth just dropped. Thankfully she was so kind and helpful. I think she knew I was freaking out. I tried on different types of bras but bought 1 really nice t-shirt one and a cute lace one for when I can wear underwire again. I didn't realize how big they were but I guess that is also just a bra size.
It's been hard trying to get used to these new babies. At first I felt really fat and then felt really slutty. I don't know why I thought I was a 36C. Maybe because I was so swollen and that was the only band size that was comfortable. After taking some pictures after surgery I felt better because I actually had somewhat of a shaped body. Before I felt like I looked like a boy with broad shoulders and a flat chest. You can actually see that I have hips now and a small waist. woohoo! I'm still a bit insecure about letting them show too much but my fiance has been a big help. He is so excited about them and always tells me how beautiful and sexy I am. I am actually starting to beleive it. I am so happy that I got the procedure done.

3 month update!

Everything has went back to normal. Work has been really busy and makes you forget sometimes that you made a really huge change in your life! I can't believe how smooth my surgery and recovery went. It seems like it all happened so fast. I haven't had any problems with my incisions. Stitches are healing nicely and religiously putting bio oil on them every night. They are so smooth. My boobs are slowly getting that natural slope that I wanted. I'm really happy with my decision and it has definitely improved my self esteem as well. It was a shock when I got sized and the lady told me I could wear a 32DD. I thought that was huge!! But I've been able to find some 36D bras and they actually feel a little more comfortable. I haven't worn a bathing suit yet... so that should be interesting! I have put up an updated pic as well.

8 months!

Can't believe it's been 8 months since the surgery... Loving my new body more each day. I have no regrets and I'm so happy that I decided to go through with getting my boobs done. It's odd seeing pictures of me before and having absolutely no figure and no breasts really. They've softened up alot and I can actually see the nice slope that I wanted so badly. I haven't had any issues which I am very relieved about. The scars are healing nicely, I continue to put bio oil and vitamin E oil on them. Hope my review helps many girls out there!


1 year anniversary !

Hi realfriends,

So it's been 1 year today since I had my surgery. Sometimes I forget the experience I went through to have breasts. I wanted them so bad, being only an "A-cup" and having friends who all had them. I envied them. I felt like I wasn't really a woman unless I had them. I remember putting everything else to the side while I saved up money. I remember my fiance and I going to the doctor for the first time and knowing that this was what I wanted to do. My surgery day was pretty intense now that I look back on it. Driving out of town.. and having my fiance and father there with me. I was pretty drugged up when I left the hospital but I remember a nurse taking really good care of me afterwards. Thank her so much for that. I think being on percocets really messed me up. I remember feeling depressed because I couldn't leave the couch but I'm glad I wasn't in any pain. I think my recovery went really well. To this day, I have never had any issues with my implants.
I am still so happy with my decision! I hope anyone who reads this, sees a positive review that may inspire them to do what they think is right for them. Don't let anyone tell you differently. My fiance was against me having the surgery. He always thought I was perfect the way I was but I was not happy with myself. Today, he is happy I went through with it. I love my body and feel confident in a bikini, in regular clothes, and just being me now. It has 100% helped me in life. I hope all you ladies feel the same way!

Cheers xo
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