29 Years Old, 2 Kids, Have Wanted This Since High School. Lethbridge, AB

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Its finally time. I'm done having kids and I'd...

Its finally time. I'm done having kids and I'd like to increase my breast size. I'm 5'7, 145lbs and a deflated 34B.
I've always had small breasts and its not proportionate with my 40" hips. I had hoped at least I'd get something while pregnant and breastfeeding, but alas they did not grow. Instead they flattened out. Last christmas my husband surprised me with a consult date and the money to get it done. I've been constantly doing research since.

The rational side of me wants a conservative look; the girl in me that has never had boobs wants to go big. At my consult I tried on 300 -450cc implants. It was decided that 405cc would be best. When I tried them on with the bra I thought it seemed big (which I liked), then I put my tank top on over and they seemed "normal." The rational side took over and I decided that normal was where I should be.

Since my consult, I've been going back and forth with "Are they too big?" "Are they too small?" Complete with dreams of getting Pamela Anderson boobs, or regretting something too conservative. I'm quite bottom heavy and I don't think that will ever change, but my stomach has always been small. I'd like to complete my hourglass figure but if my boobs match my butt that may be too much.

If anyone has any insight for me it'd be greatly appreciated!
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