29 years Old, Breast Fed 2 Kids, 34 B, 385 cc

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Just made my consultation apt! I know it's not...

Just made my consultation apt! I know it's not much of a review but I'm super excited :) I've always had small boobs and never really noticed but after children they are flat and gross looking. I have a hard time being intimate with my hubby or in bathing suits around friends. Excited to see what dr hassel has to say and what expected costs are. Will update in a month and a half after my consult

13 days till my consult!!!

It's seriously crazy how much I'm on this site looking at boobs. So I found out there is another plastic surgeon here in town who's does breast augs. No reviews on him here and no website for background info. I made a consult with him but it's another 4 months away ???? thinking I should cancel it and stick with dr hassel as I've heard he's the best in southern Alberta

375 sizer vs my make shift 400 sizers

375 at dr office vs my 400s I tried to make at home. I sent hubby pics of 375 while at the docs and he said I could go bigger. Tried to make 400s at home with rice. 400 too crazy? 5'1 and 130 lbs

Went to my Consult Today!!!

Dr hasell was very kind and soft spoken. My consult was quick but
very informative. He said what was needed to be said and I didn't even
need to ask much more. That just how confident he is. Tried on 350 and
375 sizers and they feel fantastic. Kinda scared to go any higher but the hubby says maybe another bigger...

Weird dreams

Gah! I seriously just dreamt about the procedure, how it felt, how unhappy I was with 375 cc and how I wish I would of gone bigger. So weird how I could feel how uncomfortable I would be hahah I clearly need to do something else with my time

Gonna make a trip to the bank I feel uncomfortable with this must cash

Holy Christ! This must be what drug dealers feel like

What do you tell your kids?

Do you tell your children? I have 2. The youngest won't even know what I'm talking about but the eldest is a pre teen. Everyone is on this "love your body" kick which I agree with but how do you go about this?

:D :D :D

Goodbye hard earned cash

Tried on some more sizers while I was in today. 1st is 450, 2nd 400cc. I like how my boobs looked with 450 but it was so heavy

Kinda bummed out

My tooth started hurting the other day. I called my dentist and got some pain pills and antibiotics. It's most likely that I need a root canal done but I have to wait till Monday for a consult. Hoping they can do something on Monday cause I have to stop pain medication on Tuesday :(

Holy crap

It's single digits now eeeekkkk

Got a time!

6:20 am arrival 7:10 surgery time!! Finally decided to upload my tiny little boobs. Too bad I couldn't get rid of my cheese belly too lol

I was home within 5 hours

Back at home and sleeping all day. Dr forestdalle (sp?) was my anesthesiologist and she was amazing! Such a kind lady. Dr hasell met with me outside the operation room and went over everything with me and marked me up. He's so gentle I barely felt him with the marker. Off I went wheeled into the operating room I guess it only took an hour for my surgery but he does this everyday so far what I can see it looks amazing. He said he brought in a few sizes so I'm not sure what he ended up using so once I find out I'll let you guys know. I only feel dizzy and like an elephant is sitting on my chest and it doesn't help my dog came in excited to see me flopped his big paw on my right boob briefly. Ouch! I'm sure it's fine but for now he's locked downstairs as I hear him crying haha breaks my heart. I'm hoping I don't know these Percocets for long don't want to get hooked

Here they are!

Kinda haha I had to take off the wrap at 4 am. I couldn't sleep cause he tape was pulling under my armpits and after that I immediately wanted the orange body paint off and support for them. I've been up since 3 not in pain but just uncomfortable especially my back. Trying to stay away from the Percocet and sticking with Advil or Tylenol

Caved and took a Percocet lol

Threw up alllll night

Took a Percocet last night around 9 with a peanut butter jelly sandwich woke up at 1, 3:30 and 4:30 to puke up bile :( I hate puking and the couple of coughs I had before I puked where so stressful. Well now I'm scared to take anything

First shower and Frankenboobies

Man that shower felt amazing. Needed to wash off more of the betaden smell which contributed to my sickness

What a turn around

After sleeping most of the day yesterday I woke up feeling fantastic! My back still hurts from sleeping in odd positions but my breast pain is minimal. Took 2 Advil before bed at 11pm last night and slept STRAIGHT through till 5 am!! I wanted to try sleeping flat on my back just to give my middle back and butt a break and it worked. I'm so pumped I got 6 straight hours of sleep. Today I feel about 85% still under abit of a brain fog but I actually want to do things today while I'm feeling good. The bloat/bm problem still here but that's also about 50% better

What a crazy couple of days

Saturday after I wrote my update I found out my daughter had been misusing her phone privileges. Of course I was mad and my blood pressure went sky high. I tried to calm down and I eventually did but it wore me out. Monday (yesterday) I went into my family doctor to fill up my birth control and found out my blood pressure was extremely high 144/104 pulse 91 stage 2 hypertension. So now I get the honours of monitoring my bp for the next week. Other then that My boobs are feeling great I haven't had any zingers or burning feeling anymore just your normal morning boobs and muscles contractions. They are dropping and oh man do I feel great in a tank top now!! I do also have the smallest bruises I'm sure weren't there before on my right breast. 2 dots the smaller then a finger print should I call about it?

9 days out

The ladies are dropping more though they are still quite square. Took the steri strips off last night as half of them were already off and it was just irritating. My incisions don't look bad at all. Took the dog for a walk at the off leash park so if he pulled I wouldn't have to deal with that and it was nice for him he's been so bored. I don't know if I should but I mopped the floor and now I'm exhausted. I took my time and I haven't dumped the water but at least my floors are clean lol also I've been sleeping on my side I don't know if I should be either but it feels so good to get off my back and butt


My right is looking better these days but oh boy that lefty

Bras don't fit anymore

Getting back into a workout routine

I used to run every morning with my dog and do a quick workout before I got ready in the morning. I used to jog up these stairs at our dog run a couple times a week. Didn't jog today lol more like dragged my ass up and panted the entire time. I needed this though I need to slowly get to where I once was fitness wise. My stomach also looks like it got implants too hahaha

4 weeks today!

Wow where has time gone! I'm feeling fantastic and back to work last week. I feel so out of shape from not working out but I'm about 90% me. Still abit achy by the end of the day but I think that's normal still and I think I still have a lot of dropping to do. They feel high up, maybe it's cause before surgery I worked out my chest so my muscles want to keep them up? I don't know lol I go and see dr hasell on may 8th for my 6 week check up so I'll ask him then. I love them!! They look great in clothes and in my sports bras. Haven't been sized yet for bras maybe I'll go this weekend just to get an idea

Went bra shopping

Went to Calgary this weekend and stopped in vs. Was sized at 32 ddd or 34 dd. I didn't stay long in vs as the hubby and kids were sick of shopping by that point
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