Back and Bra Fat Removal to Match my Flat Tummy - Lehigh Valley, PA

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Getting ready for the removal of my back and bra...

Getting ready for the removal of my back and bra fat. From the front my tummy is completely flat. I'm still amazed this is my tummy one year after Dr. Chung performed my tummy tuck. Now it's time to have my back to be as sculpted as my tummy is.

I will take a new set of before and after photos soon.

Before photo of my back rolls

Adding photos to document my journey.
Excited to have my back fat removed and sculpted to match my tummy.
I have wonderful results from my TT with Dr. JOHNNY Chung so now it's time for my back to look as great as the miracle he performed with my TT. From the front and side my results are amazing- it's when I see my back rolls that I feel incomplete.
Tomorrow is the day for my smart lipo triplex. I'm confident in my PS that he will make my feel completed. I'm prepared and ready with my compression garments and fresh lemons to help with swell hell or hoping to avoid major swelling.

Day of roll removal

Checked in at 7:45am was in by 8:00 am. Changed into the gown.-
Dr. Chung asked again my area of concern and then he drew on me. I got comfortable on the table face down.
He told me I would would feel a little pinch and some burning. Felt like a tiny pin prick. The tumecent was injected. The only place I felt it was a little prick near my ribs.
Next was the laser to melt fat and tighten my skin. Sounded like little zaps which was the fat exploding-well that's what I was thinking it was. Was lots of zaps in certain areas not so many in others. Then moved to the right side of my back. Same thing there. I asked if the numbness would still be good as he worked only on one side of my back first. Yes I was still numb. Didn't feel a thing.
Then came the fat removal. I asked to look at the canister. Was yellow on top and pink on the bottom. I didn't ask the size of the container or how much was removed. Didn't look like a lot to me. The only place I could feel something was my ribs. Not painful just pressure that something was touching me.

He then closed my 4 little openings and I sat up for a few minuets before getting into a compression tank top and dressed.
I asked his surgical nurse how's it look. She said swollen. I made my follow up appointment for 2 weeks. Was done at 10:00 am. Home by 10:45 as I stopped at Starbucks for coffee.
I added a compression garment and am now pushing lemon water and bromelaine
Tablets to keep swelling in check. Dinner in crockpot for the family so I will rest as I'm going to work tomorrow. I feel total fine and looking forward to seeing my sculpted back in a few weeks.
I can't say enough about how my PS and his office treats their patients like family.
I will update to let others know about my journey if it helps put someone else at ease.
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