Breast Lift & Tummy Tuck Following Weight Loss- Left Breast Not Looking So Good :S

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Lost around 60kgs in the past 2 years and decided...

lost around 60kgs in the past 2 years and decided i need to fix up what i had destroyed over the years of obesity!

done it and very excited to see the results! i also had a tummy tuck and very excited for the swelling to go down!

i had a breast lift almost 3 weeks ago and my left breast is a bit more swollen on the top and harder than the right side ... is that normal? i feel like there is a "step" like shape to it .... and my left breast skin is a bit dry??? i woke up today with a bit of pain and soarnes and when i touch it hurts! is it because i tried massaging it down yesterday? i also had a tummy tuck done at the same time, and i am still very swollen as if im a 3 months pregnant .. is that normal? the swelling from the upper part has gone down a bit but i still look "thick" and i still can walk with my back straight like i used to ... im worried ill have that bloat for ever!
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