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Hey all! I'm 21 one years old and have finally...

Hey all! I'm 21 one years old and have finally made the decision to get a nose job. It's something I've wanted for many years and today I made the decision to make the call and get an appointment. I have decided to go with Dr. Fadi Nakhoul. Though there are no reviews online, he comes very well recommended by my friends and family. Having seen his work personally on my aunt and cousins, I can see it is very natural which is exactly what I am going for.

Day One

I did it!
It's the morning after and I'm in so much pain. My face has completely swelled up. Me yesterday versus me today, hopefully the painkillers will kick in. The surgery went quickly and I was home before 7pm. Didn't get much sleep, sore throat and having to sleep upright was not comfortable. I go back in 3 days to get the padding removed


Finally got the cast off!!

2 weeks post op

The swelling has gone down a bit, it's been two weeks since I've done the operation and this is me between bandage changes!
Dr. Fadi Nakhoul

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