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I've thought about breast implants since high...

I've thought about breast implants since high school (2 years) and have now decided to go through with it. I'm 20 years old and 5'3, 110 lbs, no children. I'm very thin. I am constantly confused with 14/15 year old girl! Drives me crazy! I am a B cup in Victoria secret bras. I have always wanted to have curves I have the booty just need the boobies :)! I finally decided in June 2012 that a boob job is what I want.. The search for plastic surgeons began and on Aug 1, 2012 I met with Dr. york yates! He is amazing! At first we decided on silicone implants, under the muscle. Then after doing 3D imaging he realized that saline would be better for me because, my right breast is slightly larger and higer than my left, we decided on a 270 cc in the right and 320 cc the left; High profile. Now that it's getting closer to my date I am having second thoughts and think that I want to move up to 350 cc. I wanted a C cup and I'm afraid the size we picked will not give me the results I am looking for.

Having tons of emotions right now scared, excited, nervous, worried.....
After years of wanting this, and months of research, the anticipation has practically killed me! I'm worried about the pain afterwards, especially since it's under the muscle, and am also worried about resuming my normal activities such as gym, working, walking my dogs, and riding my horse, not to mention school starts exactly one week after surgery! Super worried about work because I am a hospice CNA I don't know how I will work with out lifting for six weeks! Ahhh so scary!! But I can't wait!

By this time next week it will be all over and I will have boobs! (So crazy to think about)

I have been going crazy trying figure out sizes...

I have been going crazy trying figure out sizes with CC's it is just so confusing.. I picked 270 cc and 320 cc and now I want to do 350 cc.. The problem is I won't be able to talk with my doctor before surgery cause I live to far away.. So I will be doin pre op same day as surgery... Doctor said that the biggest I should go is 300 cc, if i go bigger than what he recommends will it look bad? Will i get stretch marks? I saw a friend other day and she is my size and got 370 cc and he skin stretched she has stretch marks and her scar was under the breast and is now in the middle of her boob will this happen to me if go bigger?(sorry my mind is all over the place)

Next issue!!! Haha picked saline but now I am think maybe silicon.. What are your thoughts?? I just want to be comfortable in my own skin and I don't want to make a mistake.. Please help.. 4 days til surgery AHHH!!!

Starting to get super nervous!! I am starting to...

Starting to get super nervous!! I am starting to think that maybe this isn't what I want to do.. Having major second thoughts... Anyone else feel this way... I just have so many worries I am afraid that something horrible will happen and my boobs will look worse off than I was.. Anyone else feel this way? 3 days!

Feeling so much better today all my second...

Feeling so much better today all my second thoughts are gone! I think I just need to keep my self busy! From reading your blogs it's nice to see I am not the only nervous and having millions of thoughts!

Going in to surgery tomorrow around 8 am... I'm...

Going in to surgery tomorrow around 8 am... I'm kinda freaking out... all these questions are popping up in my head, will I be ok?! I've never had a surgery like this... I hope Ill wake up... I think that's the thing that scares me the most ;( I'm sure I'll be fine.. I'm just nervous.. I feel so much anxiety and anxiousness... it's driving me up the wall... any last min advice would be great.. I'll try to update before I get into surgery. Anyone ever seen the movie awake when the guy goes under but still feels everything... Lol can't get it out of my head... I watch a video of a breast augmentation that my doctor did... I should have watch it totally freaked me out!!!! Any advice on how to calm my self?

Aug 16, 2012 I arrived at Dr. Yates office at...

Aug 16, 2012
I arrived at Dr. Yates office at 7:45 am got into a hospital gown and talk to the nurse and she gave me a Valium. Then anesthesiologist came in and introduced himself and was very polite I liked him a lot he made me feel very comfortable, then the doctor came in and marked me up at this point we decided to change the size of my implants to left side 350CC and righit side 315CC he said that they would look perfect and natural even with the increase in size. Then the scary part the nurses wheeled me into the surgery room. They helped me onto the surgery table, and were strapping my arms down on either side of me.. I remember looking up at these two big surgical light fixtures, and the next thing I remember is waking up back unzipping my jacket and trying to see how big they were I kept saying there not big enough lol it was all just a shock.. It was crazy how quickly it happened. The nurses were wonderful. Dr. Yates came in and checked on me as well and I really appreciated that. I was also in lot of pain and very much out of it. Last thing I remember is the nurse wheeling me to my car and then POOF I was home in bed!

The next couple of days were very hard I was in a lot of pain good thing for mom and boyfriend!! haha

It is now Aug 20, 2012
I am off pain meds just taking Advil I feel okay just the pain from the skin stretching and I really wish that would stop it really hurts!!! I also wish I could lay on my side laying on my back sucks!! But as of now I am so happy this is the best thing I have ever done I just cant wait for the swelling to go down!! I will be going back in Sept 5, 2012 to have a check up. I forgot to ask the doctor what to put on my boobs to stop scarring and stretch marks any suggestions.

I am 12 days post op and I am feeling good! all my...

I am 12 days post op and I am feeling good! all my bruising is gone! my boobs are starting to peel though kind of annoying!! I went back to work yesterday and that was nice!! I took a whole week off to recover! I am feeling really good and couldnt be happier with my results!!! I want to go bra shopping already!!! I took some new pictures! let me know what you think!! I am hoping to be a C cup I cant tell if there still swollen or not.. I have been reading about "dropping and fluffing" lol anyone experience this?

I am two week post op today and feeling great!! It...

I am two week post op today and feeling great!! It still hard to sleep cause I am a side sleeper and I am still trying to sleep on my back because I the pressure from laying on my side hurts my boobs! My nipples are also super sensitive!! Still wearing my granny bra! I am just so happy with my results I just can't wait to see what they will look like once they are fully dropped!
Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon

When I started looking into getting a BA I searched the internet and emailed a few doctors that I liked from there website. Dr. Yates I was the only one who emailed me back personally so I did some more research and I was amazed by his ratings I could not find one bad thing about him on the internet. His website is also very detailed which is very helpful (don't watch the BA video until after surgery freaked me out lol). His staff is amazing and most of them have had surgeries themselves so they can relate to what your going through! Dr. Yates is very skilled and he is an artist I cant even put into words how grateful I am to have found him! He wants whats best for his patients! He even answered all of my mothers questions (she was more nervous than me). The most exciting thing is seeing the 3D imaging once I saw that I was completely excited!!! (I think my mom wanted to get hers done after seeing that!). When it came time for my surgery he made sure I was 100% sure what I wanted because I was back and forth between sizes once we figured out for sure what size he made sure that I felt comfortable and would be happy with my results. This is one of the best experiences ever Dr. Yates and his staff are amazing! I can't thank him enough for giving the confidence that I have been lacking(I am always mistake for a 14/15 year old girl when I am 20). I am so happy with my experience once again thank you Dr. Yates and staff!

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