11th week and did not work one bit and they did not help!

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Hi it was simple to use, the product was in a...

Hi it was simple to use, the product was in a small box and you use one drop but many drops came out making you buy more boxes of the Latisse. I bought over 7 boxes and was up to my 11th week and showing no results whatsoever. I contacted Latiesse once again and the response once again was it was probably due to it does not work on me as it does not work on all people. You would think they would send me a free box. I did not know and this is important, it goes back to your normal lash once you stop using the product. What a waste.

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Waist of money for my eyelashes and they could not even call when requested. WAIST OF MONEY FOR MY EYELASHES AND THEY COULD NOT EVEN CALL ME WHEN REQUESTED.

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