Lasik Works for Me - San franciso, CA

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I did my lasik in 2003. Before my prescription was...

I did my lasik in 2003. Before my prescription was 4.25 L - 4.50 R and both eyes had stigmatism for 2.75  I have needed glasses since I was 9 or 10. 

Lasik is a big relief.  I wanted to do it earlier, but my ex boss (optometrist) insisted that I should wait till I was 21.  My result was 15/20  after Lasik.  Everything is clear and no more contact and expensive glasses and prescription sunglass (I am allergic to nickle so need to get the high price frame) I don't have dry eyes which is a common side effect of Lasik. Maybe I am very easy to cry, so my eyes are moist.  I also don't have problem with glare except the first couple months I done my lasik.  well maybe i get use to it or it improve over time. 

I am fine with driving at night and rainy days now.  i think the most important thing is find a good and experienced surgeon.  in case something happen, he/she is able to fix it right away not refer to someone else. 

I still remember my whole lasik process only took 14 mins included the time i lay down, staff tape my eyelashes, put holder to keep my eye open, numbing and etc.  the most painful part is to cut the cornea.   it felt like a bad paper cut. but it is on the eye. 

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He is very experienced, I heard he also teach at UCSF.

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