I Can't See at Night but I Can See Perfectly During the Day!

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The reason my Lasik was sooo expensive is because...

The reason my Lasik was sooo expensive is because I got it done when it first came out, and I got it done by an actual doctor, not just a trained technician.  I think I paid somewhere around $3950 per eye or something outrageous.

Anyway, I had 20/200 vision with astigmatism before the surgery and now I have perfect vision.  The biggest drawback is my night vision.  I was told that I may have "halos" (where bright light seems to have a halo around it) so I can't say that I wasn't warned, but it is really bad on the freeway at night.  There's no way I can drive in the carpool lane at night because the headlights of the oncoming cars just BLIND me.  Even if it is late at night and I am walking down poorly lit stairs, I sometimes fall because I can't see far enough in front of me.

Why do I still think that it was a good thing, then?!  Well, I couldn't wear soft contacts, and my gas permeable contacts were always giving me fits.  I could never wear eye makeup and that bummed me out.  That's kind of a dumb reason for doing it but oh well!

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