Strongly Recommended - Consider Going with Monovision

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I only had one eye done so I could both read and...

I only had one eye done so I could both read and see long distance without glasses. Dr Lacey thought that I might have trouble adjusting to the monovision because of the large discrepancy, but I adjusted almost immediately. I love being able to read menus, labels, books in bed, etc., without always looking for my glasses.

As for the long distance vision - what a miracle to be able to see - especially on waking and while swimming!

I must admit that I did this out of fear. After seeing the pictures of people fleeing the World Trade Center on 9/11, I knew that I would have been virtually blind in that situation because I would have had to immediately remove my contacts in all that dust [and never carried glasses other than for reading].

After LASIK, I realized how much contacts-related discomfort I had been putting up with. What joy not to want to rub my eyes all the time.

Go ahead and do it! With the price of glasses so high, the surgery will pay for itself in no time. Who knows? It might even save your life in a disaster situation.

Dr Lacey

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