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I didn't have a bad experience. I was so happy I...

I didn't have a bad experience. I was so happy I didn't have to wear my contact anymore and that I can actually see in the morning without my glasses.

My Dr. made sure that I was the right candidate and made me wear my glasses for month before letting me do my surgery. She said that since I've been wearing gas permable contact it acts almost like a retainer for your eyes and they needed to go back into shape and my prescription had to be stabilized before she can accurately do the procedure.

I was lucky my cornea was thick enough otherwise due to my high prescription I wouldn't be a good candidate for the procedure. I waited for a long time for the technology to mature before I decided to do Lasik.

My prescription was around -9.5 so I was almost blind as a bat without my glasses or contact lenses. I did the procedure, because I felt vulnerable having to rely on my glasses/Contact lenses. I wanted to make sure that in case of an emergency I wasn't looking around for my glasses. I was scared at first, but after going through the surgery it was well worth the money.

During my procedure when my eye did manage to move out of the targeted laser area the laser automatically stopped. I had the traditional Lasik and the healing time was amazingly fast and I didn't have dry eyes after the procedure. I actually wanted to go shopping afterwards, but my Dr. gave me strict instructions to go home and rest. I have to put a patch on both eyes so that I didn't look around. I woke up the next day and it was amazing that I can actually see my alarm clock without lifting it off my night stand to see the time. It has been so far 3 years since my Lasik and my vision is still 20/20.

Dr. Shoba

Don't have to rely on my glasses anymore!

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