Lasik in Minneapolis MN

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I've been considering Lasik for several years....

I've been considering Lasik for several years. I've had glasses since age 20 and contacts since age 23 (20+ years now). I have an astigmatism in one eye and a moderately strong prescription in both eyes. I've had no previous history with eye injuries or dry-eyes and was concerned I'd be one of the patients who ended up with chronic dry-eye or halo problems which is why I've hesitated to make the leap.

I had the surgery on 4/12/2012. The procedure itself was painless and took approximately 40 seconds/eye. No one warned me about the smell of my burning eye tissue and that made me a little queasy during that part of my procedure. Immediately following the surgery, I could see about 60-70% of what my contacts/glasses enabled me to see. I had no pain for about 1 hour after the procedure, but the following 4-5 hours after that? Very uncomfortable! It was hard for me to open my eyes and both eyes teared extensively for about 4-5 hours. After taking several Ibuprofen, I was able to sleep for a couple of hours and then the pain was gone.

Over the past 8 days my eyes have been pretty dry and I use my tear drops religiously whether I feel like I should or not. One eye is nearly 100% perfect vision, the other around 60-80%. My doc says my healing is normal and to give it time, as I may not see final results for 3 months. When my eyesight was tested on post-op day 1, they said I was 20/15 in both eyes. I don't feel like I'm seeing 20/15 (my contacts corrected me to 20/15 and I'm familiar with how that should look)...but that's what I was told. My eyes are very sensitive to wind/drafty conditions now and dry out very quickly. I'm hoping this improves since chronic dry-eyes was one of my greatest concerns and why I waited so long to have the procedure done. That's why I've listed an "undecided" rating for the "Worth It" category. I'll post again with my progress.

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