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Laser Hair Removal is a simple process, and the...

Laser Hair Removal is a simple process, and the results are great. It hardly takes any time, the pain is very mild but the results are long lasting, permanent rather and a great choice to remove unwanted hair permanently. I got laser hair removal done a few months ago, i see no regrowth now after 7 months and i am very glad i did it. I had a lot of ingrowth and dark coarse hair around my bikini area and underarms. Shaving was only making the hair harder and waxing was so paiful, specially in the bikini area. Laser has solved my problem and now saves me a lot of time. No more cuts and burning for me. It costed me around $600 USD, which is very reasonable, if you compare it to spending $ 70 every month on waxing at a salon. It hurt just a tad bit, more like a burn. The bikini area became too red and swollen for a week or so. The underarms didnt swell as much as the bikini area but the laser hurt there more. I read someone mentioning that it feels like someone snaps rubberbands in the underarm area and i agree with that totally. That is exactly how it feels. The pain is bearable though.

I was able to go back home and resume my daily activities immidiately. I did not shave or wax a month before going for laser. During the process too, i did not do anything to that area. It was slightly painful wearing underwear because the elastic hurt the joint between my legs, but that too did not last for long as i wore loose garments and did not wear anything tight like swimsuits. On the whole, laser hair removal has been excellent for me and it is a great choice. No wonder it is the most common and popular procedure. It is simple, easy, takes no time and the results are excellent!

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