Beware of Lasering Near Your Eyelash Line

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Over the years I've had numerous chemical peels...

Over the years I've had numerous chemical peels and laser resurfacing. My complexion look's fantastic BUT I did not take into consideration possible damage to my eyes. During deep laser resurfacing, your doctor will insert metal shields IN your eyes. For less deep laser, they put plastic shields ON your eyes. My last few laser treatements, the doctor went right up to my lash line, to get rid of wrinkles around my eyes.

Now years later, in combination with Retin A and LASIK eye surgery, I have severe dry eye (incredibly painful). I remember my eyelashes being burnt and shriveled. Think about this. You have what are called meiobiam glands at your lash line. This is what secretes the oil on your eyes to keep them moist. Think about what a laser does to these glands. I was never informed that my glands might become damaged from laser resurfacing. I still love the results of my laser resurfacing on my complexion, but would NEVER let them laser anywhere near my eyes.

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