Laser Peel Evened out my Skin Texture and Helped with Acne Scarring

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*Treatment results may vary

I had a laser peel (resurfacing) last fall on my...

I had a laser peel (resurfacing) last fall on my face to fix acne scarring and for uneven skin texture. I wanted to try microdermabrasion but this is better and goes deeper. Because scars and pocks go into more skin layers, a deeper peel will get you better results. I had it done on a Friday afternoon with the weekend to recover. Do this if you can! You will be grateful, guaranteed.

The laser peel is not a difficult or particularly painful but it is uncomfortable nonetheless. Healing times will also vary so you may be fine the next day but you may not. It actually took me about five days to feel better afterwards. At first I didn’t think the laser did much good. My texture improved almost right away but my scars didn’t and this was the main reason I wanted it done. But after about a month or two my skin was much better and I would call it a success at this point. I guess this is due to the collagen-growing effects that the laser has – improving from the inside out! In short, this was a helpful procedure and I don’t regret it.

However, you have to know that it isn’t permanent. If you have the scarring or skin texture to need the laser peel, you will need to follow-up with either another laser peel later or TCA peels (you can buy home-use kits for a lot cheaper than going to a dermatologist). Worth it, but temporary!

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