Worth It if You Can Handle CRAZY Pain!

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I have been having my whole bikini...

I have been having my whole bikini done(EVERYTHING!) for over 2 years now. I was told by many doctors that you only need 6 treatments. What a bunch of bull! I have had 12+ treatments and I am still going. I have 7 friends who are also into their 2nd and 3rd year and still get some hair growth. I don't know why they have to lie to everyone. I am not a very hairy person at all. Pain is another issue. I was told that it doesn't hurt much. Another bold-face lie. It hurts like Hell! So bad, I almost have a complete breakdown, even with numbing solution. I have gone to a few different places and they are all different, some worse than others, but all very painful. The last place I went to hurt more than I can describe, yet I still keep going. I hate hair and after the time and money spent, I won't give up. Yes, I have way less hair...but I want you to know the truth. That is, expect to do this for 2+ years and it hurts VERY bad.

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