Laser Hair Removal -Works!

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I had laser hair removal done for chin hair and...

I had laser hair removal done for chin hair and hair on my upper lip. The chin hair was mostly under my chin and jawline but grew so fast I was tweezing every evening 15 to 20 hairs out as part of my daily beauty regimen and that was taking up too much time. I had tried electrolysis about  7 years ago and the hair just grew back and I believe that was a waste of money.

I had 6 laser treatments, each costing $140. I had this done at a dermatologist's office because I wanted some assurance that the people are well trained. At first, they did a couple of trial lazer zaps to make sure my skin didn't react negatively, or scar. I came back two weeks later with no ill effects, and I had a treatment every month for 6 months. Slowly, less and less hair regrew.

There was a little bit of pain, kinda of like a rubberband snaping on your skin. The worse part was the upper lip but once I knew what it would be like, I didn't think it was very painful. It got to the point were I was in and out of the office in 20 minutes. My chin and upper lip would be red for about an hour but then it would fade away.

I have been very happy with the results. It has been 5 months since my last treatment and I have to tweeze about once a month - for me that is great! There are a few dark hairs on my upper lips that never went away. I have a few blonde hairs that regrow on my chin .They told me those light hairs would not be stopped by the laser, The technology works by heating up and destorying dark pigmented follicles. They told me the laser works best on relatively light complexion with dark hairs.

If you tweeze out hairs more then once a week, I think the expense and time commitment is worth the treatments given the results!

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Good quality care.

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