Great Laser Hair Removal Experience

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Do you know what is the hardest thing being a...

Do you know what is the hardest thing being a lifeguard? Hair! It is the hardest thing to take care of when wearing a swimsuit all day at a pool. I used to wake up every morning, shave my legs, arms, underarms and bikini area so that people could not see my stubble and incase someone needed help, they could not be poked by my spiky body hair. I shaved for quite some time and then noticed that shaving was not only inceasing my hair growth, but the new hair was getting harder and harder. My bikini area started to get green, like a 5 'o' clock stubble that guys get. Even my underarms went darker. Waxing was too expensive for every month. Hair removing creams take so much time. I even tried the electric hair remover but that was too painful, specially on the front part of my legs. Eventually, last summer i decided to get a laser and solve the problem once and for all.

It was a superb decision. It took me a long time, a few months actually, to finish all the treatments for all the parts, my legs, arms, underarms and bikini area. I still  have some ( very few) hair on my legs and my arms, underarms and bikini area are completely clean. I feel so much more confident when i head towards the pool. Also, it saves me an hour in the morning. My skin is turning back to its original colour on the underarms and bikini area. If you have ever used an electric hair remover, let me tell you, the pain is not even half of that. A little more than waxing, still it is bearable. The skin turns pink, swells a bit but this does not last for very long. Laser not only takes care of the hair problem permanently, but also saves money as you don't have to wax again.

I really am so happy with the laser hair removal results and think it is a great idea to get it done.

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