Laser Hair Removal is More Trouble Than It’s Worth

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As a female, having facial hair is very...

As a female, having facial hair is very embarrassing and two years ago I decided to do something about it. I’ve undergone laser hair removal on my facial hair for those past two years and I am disappointed in the results.

I chose a reputable clinic in the area and chose their “heavy treatment” contract (I forget what they called it... some fancy name), so I bought more treatments than normal and that they also thought I’d need more attention (higher setting, etc). I admit, I have a lot of hair and it’s thick and dark so I didn’t question this and figured it would be worth it.

In total I paid just over $4,000 for all of the treatments, on a monthly basis starting with my first session. I didn’t notice much change during the first few sessions but I persisted and did begin to see less hair once they were done a treatment. The problem is, this is supposed to be a near-permanent solution but I always saw the hair grow back to the way it was by the time the next session came along.

The attendants tried different things with me, and while it’s nice to be hair-free for the month after the treatment, if it grows back in the end I don’t consider that worth it.

I am now out of my contract sessions (remember, I even bought more than I was supposed to) and still going back for “touch up” sessions, which are really as intensive ever. I have spoken to the reps at the clinic but I keep getting bounced around and they want me to come in and talk to them after my treatments, which does me no good. I ask about getting partial refunds since this is doing no good but all they do is tell me to keep coming back... it’ll work!

The clinic won’t admit it but I’ve read about people like me and they call us “non-responders.” Should I have to pay for that? I don’t think I will ever get much out of this, and certainly not enough to justify the $4,000 I’ve spent.

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