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I decided to get hair removal because i had...

I decided to get hair removal because i had constant ingrown hairs no matter what i did, shaved, epilated, waxed, exfoliated or used chemical exfoliants. I got the hair removal every 6 weeks or so on my underarms, brazillian, bikini and full legs. I think i had about 8-10 treatments all up. I have light brown hair with dark brown to black hairs on these areas. Each area of my body got a different results:

  • Lower legs - Best results. Almost no hair after months of not shaving. Just have light blonde hairs that werent picked up by the laser.
  • Upper leggs - Bit more lighter coloured hairs stayed here.
  • Bikini - Great results, same as lower legs.
  • Brazillian - This hurt like a B#*@h!! I literally swet with this area and my pain tolerance is pretty high, thats how much it hurt. It thinned it out very nicely, i didnt want to be bald there anyway.
  • Underarms - Oddly enough it didnt pick up as much here :/ Dont know why I have friends that have done it that it cleared it in 4 treatments tho.

Definately worth the money for me. It wasnt just the ingrown hairs that bothered me but the scars that were left behind that take AGESS to heal. Ive had no new ingrowns or scars for about 1-2 years now and i havnt changed a thing. Not only that, but if you are prone to getting razor bumps/ingrowns, when you get laser, it kills all the bacteria in the hair follicle aswell and the razor bumps go. It can be a little bit itchy at first but it goes away. Just dont wear tight clothing and apply aloe vera gel after the laser therapy is carried out to avoid irritation. Very happy :)

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