Somewhat Worth It if You Are Realistic About Your Expectations

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I went for laser hair removal for my underarms as...

I went for laser hair removal for my underarms as well as an extended bikini area. I have had 3 treatments done and still have one more left. It has not completely gotten rid of all the hair although it is much more sparse and therefore easier to shave/groom. I suppose if you wanted to get rid of the hair completly you would have to be prepared to go for many treatments over time. The expierience was quite painful particularly in the more sensitive areas of the extended bikini portion. There is also soreness like a sunburn for about 12 to 24 hours after.

This procedure has been benificial to me in the sense that as I have said it is easier to shave with less hair and I can go a bit longer between shaving but overall I probably would spend the money on something else if I could do it over again. If you have the money burning a hole in your pocket and not shaving or waxing is very important to you then I say go for it otherwise just try to be realistic in your expectations.

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