Laser is Great for Legs and Bikini Area

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I got Laser Hair Removal done last summer on my...

I got Laser Hair Removal done last summer on my legs and bikini area. After 5 sessions in all, i saw a fantastic result and my legs and bikini area is smooth and clean now. It was not so painful on the legs, just on the front of the legs, but the bikini area was far more painful, maybe a little more than i had expected. The rashes on the bikini are were also 5 times worse than the legs and the swelling was alarming too. I even called the spa and asked them if this was normal. It turns out that the bikini area is far mre sensitive so the rashes are a part of the deal. After that i stopped worrying and the swelling subsided within 2 weeks. After last year, i only went for another session last month which has turned out to be great. Laser saves a lot of money and time and i am very glad that i got it done. It saves you from those awful razor bumps that look terible in a bikini.
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