Fine Wrinkles Around Eyes Gone and Skin Tighter 1 Week After Total FX

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I am 50, and had the Total FX treatment to...

I am 50, and had the Total FX treatment to diminish fine wrinkles around my mouth and eyes, remove brown sunspots, minimize large pores on my nose and chin, and to generally tighten the skin on my face. The treatment was a little painful, particularly around my eyes and nose despite the deadening (shots and a topical cream). I had a pain pill before the procedure, but never needed another one.

Once the procedure was done I never really felt any more pain. I looked REALLY bad for several days, all swollen and crusty, but it's amazing how fast the skin heals! One week later I am still red, like a sunburn, and have a few dark red marks, particularly around my eyes, but already I can see that brown spots and fine lines are gone and my skin is visibly tighter. I'm very pleased with the results this far, and looking forward to continued improvement over the next few weeks.

Andrea Fong, Dermatherapy

Dr. F and her staff are extremely personable and helpful. They explained the procedure (which they can do well because they've had it done themselves) and let me know exactly what I should expect. Dr. F checked up on me daily for several days after the procedure, which I've never had a doctor do before. I highly recommend Dermatherapy!

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