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Hello everyone, my name is Kay. I'm so happy that...

Hello everyone, my name is Kay. I'm so happy that I've came across this site. By me reading so many of you guys stories I know u guys would understand my struggles that I have faced.

I've struggled with my weight my entire adulthood. I've tired several diets such as 17 day diet, Atkins, slim fast, pills, teas, & etc. It's just been a yo-yo effect.

I have come to my final breaking point!!!

On September 20th 2015 me and my family went to Cowabunga Bay theme park. We started getting on different rides, we came across a ride where 2 to 4 people could get on the ride at once. The weight limit was 750. We had to stand on a scale me and two of my kids, the total came up to 511. The associate walks off and goes to talk to another associate he then comes back to where we were standing and says to me you have to get on the scale alone. So I get on the scale and it says I weigh 280, he tells me I can't get on the ride the limit per person is 260. No where on the sign did it say that it said that the limit for all parties riding the ride was no more then 750. I was so embarrassed it was several people around waiting also to get on the ride. I was puzzled because me and my family had jus took a summer trip to California where we went to Soak City theme park. They had a ride very similar to that and I was allowed to go on that ride with myself and 3 other people. My feelings where so hurt but at that moment I knew I had to do something because I never wanted to feel that low and be told that I can't ride a ride due to my weight.

So I reached out to one of my closes friend that had just went through the VSG!!! She gave me some information but not much, it's seemed like I bothered her with my questions. She would say things like you looking to far ahead but who wouldn't wanna know everything there is to no about something that's so serious.

It was crazy to me cause she knew my struggle. Some of them we struggled together. We tired going to the gym and dieting together.

I started doing research on my own and I came across this site. I'm forever thankful for it!!! When I get email alerts from RS I get so excited reading all the new stories that's out there. I no longer feel alone.

Thank you guys and may GOD BLESS each and everyone of you on your journey!!!

Illness due to obesity!

Hello world, let me back up a little I have type 2 diabetes & high blood pressure along with obesity! One day I got real sick to where I couldn't even get off the couch. I finally made the courage to get up and go to the hospital. That's when I was diagnosed with diabetes year 2006. So I started medication and they also placed me on meds for high blood pressure, I was told those to go hand in hand. Years and years and medication after medication I'm tired. I no a lot of this has to do with my eating habit or should I say drinking habit. I'm so addicted to sodas it's crazy! I've tried several times to stop drinking them but I fail every time, the longest I did was 30 days and I was so proud of myself. It's so serious to where I would get bladder infections or yeast infections back to back from producing so much sugar in my urine. Sorry for TMI!!! I would be in excruciating pain, to where I would cry and still I would still drink sodas. Knowing that was the cause of my pain. It's sad but and addicting is hard to get rid of. But with the faith in GOD that I have, I no i can over come this demon AMEN!!

Beginning my journey to a healthier me!!! Dates

Hey everyone, I'm so ready to be born again and be healthier! I know my story may be all over the place so I apologize in advance. As I started doing more research I made the decision to have the VSG done.

So I only told a few people close to me. My wife is very supportive of my decision. I had a close friend tell me to get a breast reduction and that would help me to be more motivated to exercise more. Because she felt like my chest was holding me down. She would even say your not all that big I don't understand why u want the survey. What does that mean? I want it to be more healthier, I want it cause I no with diet and exercising alone I can't do it and I'm not afraid to admit I need help. She even sent me a picture of a girl that was really big and had lost a lot of weight on her own.

So I started to have so many mixed feelings and I got scared all over again. I told myself not to do it but you know what don't nobody walk in my shoes but myself. I no what I need and GOD has open my eyes so I will trust in my lord to get me through this.

September 20th 2015:
Was my breaking point

October 7th 2015:
Was the first step to starting my journey, I went to the doctor and got a referral to see a dietitian...

October 13th 2015:
I attended a seminar for VSG
Dr. James Atkinson words. "It's not the easy way out, it's the obesity way out" I live by that

November 2nd 2015:
I received a call from the patient advocate letting me know that bariatric surgery is fully covered. I have two insurance. I was also told that per my insurance I have to complete 3 month supervised diet.

November 13th 2015:
My 1st dietitian/nutritionist appt. Went well I've learn a lot in that 2 hour course that I didn't even no.

December 18th 2015:
My second appointment! I will keep you guys updated on my process

2nd Dietitian appointment!!!

So I had my 2nd appointment today with the dietitian. It was 11 of us in the group.

We mainly went over what life and the diet will be like after the surgery. It's pretty scary, my concerns are getting 64oz of water in a day. I don't want to become dehydrated or malnutrition.

I'm really trying to wrap my head around all of this!!!

Class went by really quick!

•Current weight:279

•Last time weighed I was 279.4 woo hoo big difference that was on November 13th 2015

•Dietitian informed us that this weigh in and the next weigh in is what they send to the insurance

Also my final and last appointment with the dietitian will be a one on one... That appointment will take place some time in February 2016

Oh yeah I also called my patient advocate coordinator and left a message with her. She told me to call her after the 2nd appointment so she could contact the insurance and get the psych exam approved...

I have set some goals for myself!!!
1. To avoid drinking carbonated beverages such as soda, tea or coffee

2. Advoid beverages high in sugar such as fruit juice, sweet tea & etc.

3. Try to drink my fluids between meals and not with the meals

4. Avoid chewing gum/ drinking with straws

5. Eat breakfast

6. Big one try to chew my food up as much as possible/ don't eat as much fast food anymore


????????????HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL????????????

Psych exam!!!

My Patient Advocate Cordinator, called me on Monday the 21st of December letting me no that my psych exam was approved.

My insurance company requires me to go through Harmony Health Care.

Today I received a called from Tonya at Harmony Health Care scheduling me for an appointment on January 15th 2016 @ 10:20. She told me to arrive 30-45 minutes early due to having to fill out a lot of paper work.

I'm so nervous this is getting so real!!! Lord please continue to guide me in the right direction Amen...

I wish all my RS family success and I will continue to pray for each and everyone of you guys. GOD BLESS

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all my RS family, be safe and enjoy!!!

Merry Christmas

Psych evaluation




Did my lab work today, praying for good results that everything will be a go for surgery . I have one more appointment with the nutritionist then I'm done hopefully. Thank God

Surgery Date

Hey guys haven't posted on here in awhile. I've been done with all the testing that's required for surgery over a month and a half now. I went to my consultation today and got a surgery date. That date is July 27th 2016. Starting the countdown!!!

Update on Surgery date!!!

I received a call today from the surgery center, and they informed me that they had a sooner date for surgery... I got so nervous I couldn't breath good thing I was at the dr lol. But the new date is now May 5th 2016. Keep me in your prayers, thanks in advance and have a blessed night everyone.


I had my orientation today! It was based on what to do and not to do before and after surgery. Had to fill out paperwork to get registered for the hospital. At the end of the seminar we got to taste cookies and cream protein shake ugh was to sweet. 2 weeks from tomorrow I will start my life over and hopefully get it right this time around...

Surgery ??

Hey RS, I had my surgery on Thursday the 5th 2016. Everything went good, the medication had me so doped up. I stayed in the hospital for 2days due to the gas pain. Man that has pain wasn't no joke it's still trapped in my shoulder and it hurts like heck. I walked so much in the hospital but still couldn't manage to get it all out. God is good I'm at home taking it one day at a time. My new journey begin, happy life healthy life... You guys be best????

Dr appointment

I have officially lost 15pound in little under a week?????????????????????????????????? Off all of my medication????????so far...????????????????????????God is so good Amen????????????????????...

32 pounds down!!!

My???? overheated ????????????but...

????????I'm determined to win????????????this battle over obesity??

????????????????Man that sauna was so hot??????????????????

????????????????32 pounds down?????? a month out

???????????????? I have faith & trust in God that he'll see me thru this????????????????????????

I'm starting to see the difference!!!

My journey: Going into the operating room I was a nervous wreck but I knew this was something I had to do to gain my health back...

There's nothing easy about weight lost surgery, I've had my share of bad days but my goods days have out weighed the bad ones so far... I didn't do this to become skinny, I did this to have a better quality of life with my children...

9 weeks out I have lost 44 pounds , taking off several medications and down to only 1, I've went from a men 3xL to a comfortable men 1xL and I'm almost in a men large, still lil to tight, I've lost a shoe size but I'm happy with progress

I love my sleeve #healthylife #wls #sleevelife

50 pounds down

I finally hit my 1st goal of 50 pounds weight loss!!! Yay me. 4 months out nothing about this surgery is easy like some would say (your taking the easy way out) no it's a day to day struggle...

God is good!!! Amen

I'm officially 50pounds lighter woohooo...

It's so amazing the difference in my taste buds... I would've never at pizza with all that on it. Last night dinner, I was basic just would've only ate pepperoni & sausage..

Black olives, jalapeño, different onions, bell peppers all this stuff was nasty... Man I didn't no what I was missing

only ain't half of a slice but it was so bomb

#wls #healthylife

Have Faith & Be Blessed


Transformation Thursday

Transformation Thursday!!! Slowly coming alone but I'm getting there...
#wls #healthylife #ilovemysleeve #eventhoitdoesnt #likemeattimes#lordknowsthem #tittieswashuge

Dr. Appointment

Officially 60 pounds down, not where I want to be but I'm so blessed and happy for every pound I've lost... Thank you Jesus...The Dr. said I'm doing great and I'm where I should be at, I hit the goal far as my BMI for 6 months out!!!

Transformation Tuesday

Late Post: Thank you Jesus!!! I've come along ways... Transformation Tuesday #iloveme#selfloveisamazing #tryit #nevergiveuphope #iwillsucceed

Hair loss!!!

Due to my surgery my hair fell out a lot but I still manage to hook it up #iloveme #selfloveisamazing

Then & Now

Not where I want to be but not where I once was... Thank you God

Late post 1 year out 5/5/17

1 year ago today God changed my life for the better... My health has improved so much, no more medication....It hasn't been an easy year, I've had my ups & downs , I've slacked off, made excuses ...But by Gods grace I'm back on track...Thank you Jesus for this opportunity...#wls #godisgood#imblessed #selfloveisamazing #wowwhatayear #willdo#picexactlya1yrapart

Simply Blessed

Life is so beautiful ... I'm not where I want to be but I'm slowly getting there... #imhappy #imblessed #taking1dayatatime #iloveme #godhasbeengood2me
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