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After extensive research, I finally scheduled my...

After extensive research, I finally scheduled my Smart Lipo Triplex procedure. I had traditional liposuction in 2007, but did not get the results I expected. I went back to the surgeon who did it, but he just didn't take responsibility and I just didn't want to fight it. After that, I got pregnant with my last baby and after giving birth I had like ten extra pounds that I finally lost in the last 6 months. I am pretty active right now, I do Yoga 4 days a week and follow a healthy diet, but it seems like the "ball of fat" in the center of my stomach wants to be part of my body regardless of what I do.

By the way, I am 40 years old, weight 124 lbs and 5feet tall. I have been doing a lot of research about Smart Lipo Triplex and to me, eventhough not everyone gets the same results, seems that it is the right procedure for me. I've been to many doctors and they all have different opinions; two of them said I need a Tummy Tuck, without even looking at my whole stomach, and other three surgeons affirmed that I don't have enough skin. When I finally gave up because I didn't know what to do, I came across a Coupon Book (I know it sounds crazy) and after researching the doctor (reviews, Board of Plastic Surgeons, malpractices, etc.) I decided to call and immediately schedule and appointment. They saw two days after calling. I have to say that since I walked in the office I was confused because this was not like other surgeons office. It was just like a normal doctors office clean and simple! The doctor greeted me right there, which to me that was awesome. He also came to the reception area and told me that he would see me in a second because there were two people ahead of me, and that he didn't forget about me. That was another good sign. Anyways, two make this story short he said that I was a good candidate for Smart Lipo. My consultation went great, the doctor answered all my questions, even some tricky ones lol, he did not rush me at all and was super down to earth. Also the price was way more affordable than other doctors. I am posting some before pictures and promise that will post some after my procedure. I take all the good vibes from all of you out there!! I will keep you posted. BTW, this website has helped me a lot.

Pre op done. I can't wait!!

Pre op done. I can't wait!!

Okay, In three days I will have my surgery and I...

Okay, In three days I will have my surgery and I am not even nervous. Let's see how it goes. I am happy because my family is very supportive, that's a plus!!

Okay, so tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. I will have my...

Okay, so tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. I will have my procedure. I don't know how to feel, I called my doctor's office this morning and talked to his nurse and asked last minute questions, she answered all of them, the only thing is that she is very laid back and act like this procedure is not a big deal, I am not sure if this is a good thing or bad, maybe she does this on purpose so I won't feel nervous; which in all honesty I am not nervous at all. Even though I looked up Dr. Miller thoroughly and found nothing but good reviews, now I am questioning if I made the right choice because of how laid back they are...I don't know!! He is Board Certified, FACS, has a great Curriculum Vitae and no complaints on the Board of Practitioners. We will see tomorrow. I will post my experience after my procedure.

Okay so here I am after having the procedure done....

Okay so here I am after having the procedure done. I can't tell you that my experience was very good. Since i went into. The office I was well taken care of. Dr. Miller and his nurses were wonderful, knowledgeable and super organize. So about the procedure, as soon as I was in the office I went back and had to wear my surgery gown, I have a pregnancy test done amd after getting the results i was given s shot of Phenergan for nausea. After that I took my Valium and my painkiller. After waiting for a while until the medicine kicked I was taken in the surgery room. I was prepared by the nurse and the procedure began. I have to say that for me the pain was minimal. My doctor was even praising me for how brave I was, but really I did not feel any pain. I can say that when applying the tumescent fluid it was a weird feeling, but nothing too bad. After that they did the laser without any pain, then tightening of the skin and the final step sucking the fat. There were a few areas, for example close to my belly button, under my breast and waist, where I felt a burning sensation but nothing I could not handle. Overall it was a great experience, the doctor and nurses were awesome and very caring. He kept asking me through the whole procedire if I was oksy and was very gentle. Now all I have to do is wait for the results. Oh, I forgot, I've being draining a lot and my garment is soaked, but beside that, the pain is torelable. Allright gotta rest now.

Hello, today is my 3rd day and I feel great. I've...

Hello, today is my 3rd day and I feel great. I've being sleeping well and I think that helps a lot. I only take my pain killer in the middle of the night when the pain somehow gets really bad (I think is the garment). I am happy I did this procedure. Thanks to the wonderful people that are willing to share their experiences in this great website I've learned that this is a long process; therefore, I need to be patience. But so far I can say I am happy and can see a difference. I posted a new pic so you guys can see the difference from the second day. I think I dont look too swollen. BTW I've being drinking lots of water. Bye for now.

Today is my fifth day after Smartlipo and I feel...

Today is my fifth day after Smartlipo and I feel great! I've being playing with my kids and resting when necessary. Whatever my body ask for I do, I am not pushing it. I'm happy I did it! Reading all the comments here on this wonderful website, especially the negative ones, I've learned and truly believe that the key for great results is finding a Board Certified Surgeon. No doubt!!!

Hello everyone, so yesterday I went to my surgeon...

Hello everyone, so yesterday I went to my surgeon to take my stitches off. Everything is great and I feel great, and as always they were awesome. Now the only problem I'm having is when I go to sleep the pain gets really bad. I try not to take my pain pills just because I don't want to be dependent on them, but from now on I will because I haven't been able to sleep well. It feels like my skin is adhering to the muscle, weird I know. Anyways, still happy! Peace.

Hi everyone! It is my 18th day now and I feel...

Hi everyone! It is my 18th day now and I feel great. My waist this morning was 27, I was 30 1/2 the day of the surgery, so I am optimistic and very excited. I have been doing self massages every night and I am also using my second stage garment that my wonderful doctor's secretary provided me with...I am so happy, because the other one was killing me!!! I know I still have a long way to go, and I am fine with that. Now I need to put to effort from my part and start my Yoga practice, so I can regain strength. Allright, that's all for now. Peace.

55 Days After and Happy!

55 days after. I've being really active with my kids and of course doing my Yoga, and as always eating well. I am very happy with my results. My only concern is the left side of my waist, I feel like a little more fat could've been taken out. We will see, I know it takes like six month to see full results. Worth it!!!

2 years Update

After two years I ended up still having my pouch. I finally decided to leave my fears aside and had a TT with full MR. I've should've done it since the beginning but was too scared. Anyways, read my other review about my TT. Peace
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon

The thing I like the most about Dr. Miller is that he is very down to earth. He is also very professional and knows what he is doing. His nurse Lacy is also very knowledgeable and cool! Now that I look back I appreciate the fact that she was so laid back, because she made me feel comfortable about my procedure and not nervous at all. I still have to wait for the results, but so far I am very pleased with the way I was treated by Dr. Miller and his wonderful staff!!!! He is also super qualified. Excellent experience!!

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