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I have 5 amazing boys, ages 7 down to 2 year old...

I have 5 amazing boys, ages 7 down to 2 year old twins. I gained about 55 lbs with my first child and that was when my muscles separated beyond compare. Although I work out regularly and weigh less now than I did prior to having children, I still always look like I am 3 months pregnant. I also got stretch marks all over my entire belly area, mostly with my first, but always one or two more with each pregnancy.
I am so excited that I have finally booked a mommy makeover! In just 3 weeks I will be a new me.


My body looks like a frowny face.

On the flat side!!!

Hi guys, I had my surgery yesterday! It is almost surreal, I can't believe I did it. I am very pleased with my breasts. They are too high right now but even so they look great. As we all know, they will fall into place over the next few months. I am very pleased with my tummy as well. They couldn't remove all of the stretch marks but everything is smoother and flat. I love it!
Yesterday I went into the operating room and within one minute I was out. Next thing I knew the nurses were telling me they had called my ride. I could see the tops of my breasts right away and was happy with what I saw. I had a lift and aug so that part of the surgery took the most time.
When I woke up, I had the shivers very bad, which caused a little pain because all of my muscles were clinched as I shivered. I had muscle repair and the implants under the muscle so it was unpleasant to be shivering so much. The nurse gave me a very soft electric blanket and it warmed up so nicely. I was sort of in and out of consciousness as my body warmed up.
I took two Loritab and an anti-nausea before I left the recovery center to head home. I am glad I took the anti-nausea, because as I climbed into bed I suddenly felt sick. I actually dry-heaved once and it really hurt my muscles, again. However, the medicine must've worked because after that one gag I felt better and thank God I never threw up.
My husband has been awesome with giving me my medicines and waking up throughout the night. I have been walking around every 2 hours, which doesn't hurt too bad. I get a little tired after about 5 minutes of walking.
I have been taking a lot of Loritab and Valium, alternating each one every two hours as per my dr's instructions. They can't be taken together. I don't want to take the Valium much longer because I learned it builds up in your system.
Today is the more painful day, but with the medicine it is bearable. My breasts feel how they did when they would get engorged while I was breast feeding, I am used to that sensation after 5 kids! My incision for the tummy tuck doesn't hurt at all, but the muscle repair does hurt, for sure. Because of the pain meds it is more of a dull pain, but constant. It didn't hurt this much yesterday, but as long as I keep it under control I can sleep.
Speaking of sleep, I can barely keep my eyes open so I am signing off now. Will try to post some pictures soon.


Day 2

I found I couldnt keep my eyes open today for more than10 minutes so decided to cut back on the painkillers. Down to taking one Loritab every four of five hours and a Valium every 8 hours. The pain is still manageable so in my mind there is improvement.
I can get out of bed on my own now and continue to walk at least every two hours.
I gave myself a shot today of a blood thinner to prevent clots and that was a first for me! I never thought I would be able to give myself a shot, but the other option was my husband and bless his heart but he can be a clutz at times. I would rather do it myself.
I know this is crazy, but I am going back to work on Monday, which will be 4 days PO. I have a desk job and a boss that knows I had stomach surgery (didn't mention the boobs but wonder if people will notice?) If I have to leave early I probably could, but I am going to try to stick it out. I will let you all know how that goes.
My biggest concern will be hiding the drain. Luckily I only have one drain, but I tried on a flowy dress today and you could still tell something was there. Oh well, I think people will be more caught off guard to see me walking hunched over so maybe they won't notice the lump from the drain. ;-)

I am so dumb!

Okay, I know those of you on the flat side are going to say, "What was she thinking?!?!?" to this one.
This morning I woke up feeling good (3 days PO), and one of my twins was awake and ready to go downstairs. My husband has been dealing with the five boys alone for a few days so I thought I would help him out by getting my son downstairs (not picking him up, just leading the way) and fed breakfast. This probably would've been okay, but I decided that he needed a diaper change, too. I had him lay himself down on the floor, and I started to change his diaper. BIG MISTAKE! My back hurt, my stomach hurt, everything hurt within 5 seconds. I only got halfway through changing him then had to crawl back into bed crying like a baby. The pain passed as soon as I got into bed, so I don't think I did any damage, but what an idiot I am! Trust me, I will not be trying to do anything like that again any time soon.
The hard part is that I just feel so bad for my husband bearing all of the work. Since our kids are young, and the twins in diapers, there is constant work required in keeping them clean, fed, and out of trouble. It is just mother's guilt, I guess. My husband is wonderful and is not complaining at all, but I wish I could help him. He didn't know I was trying to change a diaper because he was in the other room. He was like, "Don't do that again!"
Ok, please don't scold me too much because I know that was idiotic. Let this be a lesson for any other woman that feels good and thinks she is ready to help out "just a little".
I decided today to stop taking the narcotics and began taking Tylenol this morning. My pain level is fairly low so hopefully the Tylenol will be enough to manage it. Also, looking back on my previous posts it is obvious that I was pretty out of it, given the spelling errors.

Went back to work yesterday!

The entire month before my surgery I was looking for a post like this one from a mommy makeover reviewer. Has anyone attempted to return to a desk job 4 days after surgery? Well, I did!

I am definitely not making any recommendations and everyone should follow their doctor's instructions and listen to their body. However, I wanted to tell you about my experience with going back t

Back to work 2

Sorry, my post went up before I was done. Anyway, I returned to work yesterday (Monday). I had surgery last Thursday, so I was 4 days po.
I woke up feeling good. I had been taking only Tylenol for pain during the day the entire day before, and everything felt much better. The healing process, for me, is almost like I feel 50% better every day. The first day is rough, but cut that in half the next day, then again the next, etc. It is remarkable what the body can do!
My breasts no longer felt like the engorged sensation and I had pretty much no pain from the lift and aug. My only source of discomfort was still my tummy. The sensation yesterday was not pain from the incision but more of a sensation like the muscles were holding together so tight that they could just spill open and I would look pregnant again. I know that is not going to happen, but I am just trying to explain how it feels the best I can.
My first two hours back in the office involved a meeting with our top executives, so needless to say I was worried that I would look like an idiot hunched over and shuffling around, but no one seemed to notice. The CFO is my boss so he already knew I had surgery to "get my stomach muscles repaired". I had warned him I would be hunched over and he asked me how I was doing early in the day but we didn't discuss much further.
I really had no pain during the day, a little bit of discomfort later as I sat at my desk and did some typing while hunched forward, but I made it through the entire day. I was shocked! I really thought I would need to leave early to get back into bed.
When I got home I spent about 10 minutes with the kids, but they definitely zap more of my energy so very quickly I was back up in bed, then up and down the stairs a few more times in the evening to spend time with them.
I have to say my husband has been amazing. I thank him about 10 times a day and this experience has made me realize all over again how lucky I am. I think it helps just a tiny bit that he feels he will get to enjoy the "fruits of his labor" someday, LOL. But he is very patient and is adjusting his life and schedule to make sure he can care for the kids while I recover. I love him! Give a big hug and kiss to your caregiver today!

8 days later...

I am in the waiting room now for my one week post op appt with my PS. I am so happy with my reslts and can't wait to tell my doctor how happy I am!
I have had very low pain for the past few days and only occasionally will take tylenol if I start to feel uncomfortable. Today I have what feels like a runner's cramp on my right side, which is the most uncomfortable I have been for several days, but it is tolerable.
Will update more later!

Feeling good!

Got my stitches out! The incisions on my breasts look much better than I thought they would. The incision on my abdomen does look frankenstein-ish but that is to be expected. There are a few "pleats" in my skin on the sides but both the nurse abd my ps have said that is intentional and will go away. I am not worried about the scarring. I know it will look ugly for awhile as it continues to heal.
I love having a flat stomach! Even though it is swelling a little above the incision the swelling is still much smaller than my old protruding muscles and flabby skin.
I was able to do just a little bit of folding laundry the last two days, and that is about it. I feel useless around the house because I can't bend over, which seems to be 90% of housework. Oh well!
I feel better and better every day and so this too shall pass. Happy healing everyone!

19 days post op

Another pic

I love trying on clothes right now. This one used to show my pooch. Now, even with swelling, I will be wearing this out soon!

Three weeks post op today

I am now at the point where I don't have the constant slight ache/reminder that I just had surgery. The only times my tummy hurts are when I sneeze, cough, or laugh. Otherwise, I feel good.
When I sleep, I find that I turn on my side. I have put pillows on each side of me to prevent this but I do it anyway. I am worried the breast on that side will lean to the left. LOL! Seriously, I do have some achiness in the breast after that so I need to be careful to sleep on my back. Per my doctor, I only need to sleep like that for one more week.
We took our kids to the park today and I was pushing the twins in the swings. After awhile I noticed my side starting to ache. You just don't realize how many things you use your core for until you are not supposed to use it at all.
I am chomping at the bit to go try on swimsuits for our upcoming vacation, but I still have swelling and I don't want to get discouraged. I am worried that I will be swelling on this vacation and I won't want to wear a swimsuit. I will be 7 weeks post op at that time so hopefully the swelling is minimal.
Only one more week of the binder being a requirement, too. I think I will probably switch to Spanx or something after that because I am not ready to go "cold turkey" with some compression. I will also continue to wear the binder at night, I think.

Almost one month post op!

I have been feeling better each day, but I definitely still get swelling above my incision. It is still flatter than my before, so I don't care. I am curious when most peopl found the swelling came to an end. I would like to wear a bathing suit on vacation in 3 weeks and I hope there is no visible swelling at that point. But maybe that is wishful thinking?
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Dr. Smith made me feel immediately comfortable, and I had read great reviews about him online. He made great recommendations as to implant size and I am glad I followed that recommendation. His staff is very sweet and professional. I highly recommend this practice!

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