Very Excited for my Revision Rhinoplasty! Las Vegas, NV

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Hi everyone! It's been 2 years since my primary...

Hi everyone!

It's been 2 years since my primary and I'm ready for some adjustments! My columella still hangs a little to low, especially when I smile and my nostril look too wide. I was so worried about looking too different so I drilled into my surgeons head to not make me look too different. Now that I've been down this road before, I'm less nervous and know exactly what I want.

My consultation with my doctor is on 7/22. I hope he gives good news and tells me he can make the adjustments I want. I will keep you posted!


Really sad and scared :(

I had my consultation today. I reviewed my concerns with doctor my about my nose. He is slightly against me tucking my columella. He said it would give me a "done" look and that I have a very natural looking nose that doesn't appear to have worked on right now. I'm so torn because I really don't like how droopy my tip looks but scared I won't like it if he does do it. At the end of the day I need to make me happy... Ok so the nostril width he felt was a reasonable concern but warned me that I would have scarring and wanted to make me aware. Does anyone have experience with this? How bad are the scars and are they very visible??

On a more important note, he checked my thyroid and felt a mass. He ordered an ultrasound to make sure it's benign. I cried my eyes out when I left the office. He told me to not worry but he wants cautious. I'm scared and I hope I'm healthy. :(

Can someone

Tell me how they felt about their alar base reduction? Is it hard to get used to? I'm curious because when I slight pinch in my nostrils, I feel l look odd... Is that a sign I should not do it? I'm so confused!
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