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I am 25, 5' 7" 130LB (size 2). I have a...

I am 25, 5' 7" 130LB (size 2). I have a healthy diet, even though I love my French Fries and I exercise about 3-5 times a week but I have always had stubborn belly fat that I was tired of looking at. I just got home from my first day of treatment. It is now 8pm and I had the procedure done at 9am. The treatment itself was about what I had expected. It was painful for the first 20 minutes and then the pain subsided and it was more discomfort.

1. Eat Before! I did not eat breakfast and almost immediately my blood sugar dropped, I had to have 2 cans of apple juice to feel normal.

2. bring a book or ipad...I found the distraction to really help. After the hour was up she pulled the machine off and massaged the area...this was VERY painful..but bearable..you just need to prepare yourself for the worst and set realistic expectations. It took me about 15 minutes to get up, I got light headed, dizzy, Hot ect...I believe this was because I did not have breakfast.

I was able to go to work right after the treatment, I recommend Spanx...they made me feel really comfortable after. Tonight there is little to no redness on my stomach...there is slight discomfort and a numb/tingling. I am looking forward to seeing the results! Will keep Ya'll posted.

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