Cellulaze for Moderate Cellulite Above Knees Not Worth It - Las Vegas, NV

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I've had cellulite over my knees dunce I wastes...

I've had cellulite over my knees dunce I wastes teen (37 now) and have avoided shorts and skirts my whole life. Aging started to make it worse so i tried cellulaze to see if it would help. While it definitely smoothed the bumps, it created distinct lines and bumps at the edges of the treatment area, which looks like worse cellulite. It was also extremely tender after for months- in fact I'm 6 months out and it's still a bit tender and numb. I knew it would bruise but I'm still suffering from skin discoloration and broken blood vessels. Needless to say I'm disappointed at best and am looking forward to the year or so ahead when the dr says those edges will ease up. His solution was to do more cellulaze in those other areas- no thanks!
Dr John Doe

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