560cc Natrella Inspira smooth round. 5'6, 31, no kids

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I have wanted breast implants for at least 10...

I have wanted breast implants for at least 10 years! I've researched every detail from doctors to implant manufufactures and sizes, down to what to wear the day of surgery and what meals to have prepared ahead of time.

Much of my research has been done on RealSelf, so now it's my turn to share my journey!

Preparation. 2 days pre op.

I got all my shopping done today! I'm going to be making 2 types of soup: Carrot Ginger and Broccoli Spinach. Plus protein shakes with banana and coconut water. I'm watching my sodium because that adds swelling. I bought smart water to replace electro lights and ginger ale for tummy troubles. I also got oral and suppository laxatives.

Surgery day

It's finally here! My surgery outfit consists of baggy lightweight linen pants with a drawstring and elastic ankles to prevent riding up. An XL lightweight zip up hoodie with thumb holes. Non slip, sweat wicking slippers. And a braided hair bun. I plan to spend the next 24 hours in this until tomorrow's post op.

Out of surgery

I've had my share of surgery (all medically necessary, this is my first cosmetic).
This was the smoothest waking up from Anesthesia I've experienced. Bambi was great while I was going under. She was rubbing my tummy and saying reassuring words.

I'm home in bed. It's 3 hours post-op. I'm having difficulty getting comfortable. The pain isn't too bad, just enough to prevent me from falling asleep. And my upper back hurts around my shoulder blades. I'm not sure if it's from the tightness of the ace wrap or because of the surgery.


I'm not going to sugar-coat it. My pain ranges from a 3-8. It's best if I don't move my arms what-so-ever. The pain is at the top of my breasts and wraps around to my arm pits back to my deltoids. At first the added pressure of ice seemed to make it worse. But I finally got my pillows set up right and now the ice is a welcomed relief. Finally able to sleep a little. I also went for a tiny walk which was fine I went slowly and held my chest.

My new breasts!

I was thrilled to see that there is no bruising and minimal swelling. They already look good and symmetrical. Pain is manageable as long as I take my pills on time.

I love my breasts!

No pain today! I'm moving carefully and still applying ice. Tomorrow I'll stop taking the Percocet and switch to ibuprofen. I couldn't be happier! They look amazing

Doing great!

I stopped the Percocet yesterday and switched to Ibuprofen. I have been sleeping 21 hours a day since the first day of surgery which is no doubt why I'm healing so quickly. No more pain or swelling. I'm still having trouble twisting off lids like the push and turn pill bottles. But overall recovery has been amazing! I'm feeling cabin feverish and hope to leave the house fora bit tomorrow.

Tender incision sites

Yesterday I was experiencing no pain what so ever, but towards the end of the day my surgical bra issued by my surgeon was really irritating my incision sites. It felt tight and strangling. I tried putting soft fabric under it which didn't help much and even took more Percocet and ice which helped temporarily. Today I put on my pre- BA favorite and most comfortable bra which has made a world of difference! No more discomfort and it seems plenty supportive. I'm also hearing squishing noises in my left implant which I read is normal from air trapped in the pocket which should go away in a few weeks. I'm also experiencing the wicked bloated belly which is also reported as normal.

Back in my surgical bra

Incisions feel better today. I'm less bloated. Had my first good poop since my surgery which is a relief. Having a little pain in my sternum which is new so I've got ice wedged in my cleavage. Stitches come out tomorrow boobs look AWESOME!

Sutures out

Had my 1 week follow up yesterday and got my stitches removed. Dr. Hankins said I've healed remarkably fast given the size of my implants and the placement under the muscle. Most of the restrictions have been lifted and I can start scar treatment in a week.

2 weeks post op

Doing great! My breasts feel very soft and natural! I go back to work tomorrow. I'm still sleeping at a 90 degree angle because it doesn't feel right on my back or sides yet. I got an awesome bra at Walmart for $12 that doesn't irritate my incisions and is super comfortable! It's not cute, but not as ugly as my surgical bra. I'll post a pic of it later tonight. I still haven't gotten measured or know what my cup-size is yet!

Incision dehiscence 3 weeks Post Op

So remember when I went back for my 1 week post op and I was told that my incisions were closed and I didn't need steri-strips?! Well I had a rather large scab on the left side which fell off after showering to reveal a sizable opening. I immediately called the office and sent photos to Amy who is filling in for Bambi. She called in antibiotics to my pharmacy and set up an appointment for me the next day. The Dr. said the opening is superficial and will close on it's own. No big deal.

1 month Post op

Loving my breasts more and more everyday! 2 more weeks until I get measured for a real bra! I'm still wearing my surgical bra to work as it seems to be the most supportive. I have a $7 Hanes bra I wear at night because it has more side coverage and keeps my implants away from my armpits. At 3 weeks P.O. I started sleeping on my back, and 3 days ago it became comfortable to sleep on my sides. I place a tightly rolled sock and place it in my cleavage which makes side sleeping more comfortable as it keeps the top implant from sliding towards my sternum (no uni-boob!)

Best bras for recovery!

I wore the surgical bra given to me by Dr. Hankin's staff for the first week. It seriously hurt my incisions, so I tried wearing it inside-out which was better. At 1 my week post-op appointment I was told it was ok to buy a new seamless bra that wouldn't irritate my incisions. I found a great one at Walmart for $13 (the black one). The other 2 are what I've been wearing the past week to sleep in. They're cooling, seamless, clasp-less and have great side-support keeping my girls in place all night long!

Level unlocked:

One of the major reasons I wanted implants was because I never felt confident wearing spaghetti straps because of how boney my sternum was.

2 month anniversary!

My breasts feel like a part of me now. I don't know how I ever lived without them!
I still haven't been measured yet and continue to wear my surgical bra plus the two I posted earlier. No more discomfort or weirdness when I lean forward.

34 DD!!!

Went to Nordstrom today for a fitting and bought 2 beautiful new bras! The hot pink pictured and a lacy nude.
Henderson Plastic Surgeon

Thanks to other RS member's reviews, I chose Dr. Hankins for my surgery. I communicated with Patient Coordinator Susan by email and explained that I hoped to do my consult and pre-op in the same visit and schedule my procedure ASAP. She was amazing at accommodating this unusual request and scheduled my surgical date and consult at the same time! She asked for an extremely fair deposit of $100 to secure my surgical date stating that this would be refunded if I didn't feel Dr. Hankins was the right surgeon for me after the consult. After 145+ BA reviews, Dr. Hankins would have to royally blow the consult for me NOT to choose him. My Consult/Pre-Op was 06/08/2017. I showed up an hour before my appointment time to fill out a mountain of paperwork. My fiancée James and I were roomed by Bambi, Dr. Hankins’ Surg Tech and right-hand lady. I felt like I already knew her based on what I had read on RS. She is as wonderful as everyone said she is! Dr. Hankins is straight forward and to the point which I like. He asked me my goals and expectations. I have a long torso and a boney sternum. My breasts are naturally low with a long distance from my clavicle to nipples, making cleavage IMPOSSIBLE. I’ve never felt comfortable wearing spaghetti straps or strapless because I just look gaunt. Dr. Hankins explained the procedure he recommends for the best outcome and exited. Bambi then brought in 2 implants to try on; a 500cc and a 550cc. James, Bambi and I all agreed that with my curves the 550cc balanced me out. I’m getting sub-muscular 560cc smooth round cohesive gel implants. I can’t remember the manufacturer (I’ll update after my surgery). Next, we met with Susan to confirm my surgical date on 6/20/3017 and discover the cost of my new girls. With the RS discount, the total was $5,550. James finally relaxed, as he had told me if it was over $8,000 we would have to reschedule to which Susan replied “Ha! This isn’t Chicago!” Finally, a very sweet young lady who’s name I unfortunately forgot but later found out is Dr. Hankins’ Daughter took us to an office to answer pre-op questions and go over the risks and limitations. Not counting the time I spent filling out paperwork which I could have done online but chose to in office; we were there 2 hours. Afterwards James said that with the high-level of service we received, he’s surprised it wasn’t more like $10K! He also couldn’t get over how awesome Bambi is. He is going to be my primary caretaker after the procedure, and she really made him feel safe explaining that she has had this procedure herself and would put the same implants that are going in me into her own daughters.

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