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(Btw none of the pictures are me) I'll be nearing...

(Btw none of the pictures are me) I'll be nearing 22 yrs old around the time I'd like to have my procedure. It's just something I've wanted for a bit. Particularly i dont like the frame of my body, i have an athletic build on top that tends to disguise the lower half of my body. Im sort of triangle shaped, i have broad shoulders that overwhelm the width of my hips. My breasts i dont think have a major part but could, im a 32FF in bra size. Also having to wear slightly bigger dresses to accomodate broad shoulders that make my hips dissapear. I dont want a huge butt or to have people gawking at me I just want something toned, small, with nice curvature. Basically i want to soften my figure, bring more emphasis to my hips/butt. My butt at the moment is not too bad actually. Most of my fat goes to the middle but not on the top or sides so it appears flat in clothing I wear. Or more noticeably theres no visible shape. Another thing is that I'm trying to get this procedure done before losing more weight. I'm just below 5'5 (5'4 an half) and fluctuate 145-150 pounds. I lose weight quite easily and working out consistently is part of that. I'm afraid that I won't have enough fat for the procedure. Im looking to get 700ccs or more in each buttock. I was initially looking to go to Mexico but I travel so much I feel that the Las Vegas area or surrounding state would be a better option as far as safety and less travel expenses. I'm still researching doctors so I have no one in mind but input would be great.

Soo I've just been looking around for potentials...

Soo I've just been looking around for potentials the past month or so. I've narrowed them down to 4.

Dr Dennis Dass - Beverly Hills,CA ~ 10k $ Dr. Sergio Alvarez - Miami,FL ~ 6k $ Dr. Vincent Marin - San Diego ~ 10k$ Dr. Ron Hazani - Beverly Hills,CA ~ 9k $ I do have one wild card who would be right in my backyard as far as distance goes. Dr Lane Smith - Las Vegas, NV ~ 7k $ I do realize costs vary due to details of the procedure but I didn't take into account recovery house and other miscellaneous expenses such as food, possibly travel, and items for post op care. They are somewhat included in these costs. My initial budget is 8,000$ spending more than that sort of terrifies me. I'd rather get this BBL done before I settle in career/home wise rather than have my coworkers looking at me sideways with disgust/jealousy. Being I'm still young I'm still working on building credit and a loan isn't an option but I have a stable job so saving 6k wouldn't be difficult. Just worried I'd have to push back my date even though it isn't set yet lol. As far as setting a date im still saving for the procedure but ill be moving for work in 6 months and am not sure when i could take off work for 3 weeks at my new location. So the date is a rough estimate at when id like. Besides that I'm worried about having to travel after recovery. I already work a job having to sit on my butt all day but a few hours on a plane by myself worries me particularly during recovery. I move so much I don't have time for friends and my family would never approve so as far as support system goes I'm alone on this procedure. I'm totally fine with it as I like being by myself anyway. As far as men go I get approached often and id rather hurry and get this done so I don't have to worry about whether he'd approve or not.  As of now I'm 5'5 145lbs

I've been in the research phase so long.

I know this has to be the longest time someone has been on here considering a procedure. But I've been forced to wait on planning anything out because of mandatory job engagements. First I haven't interviewed just yet because I'm going through a career development phase in which I could potentially get moved out of state. The 2nd being that I have to schedule my procedure around mandatory preset physical training tests which I won't have knowledge of until this summer. The third being im not sure just yet of when I could take off of work to get this procedure done which I won't know until August this year. I'll need a pretty good explanation to my Military supervisor as to why Id take 3 weeks from work. And plastic surgery wouldn't be the most deserving answer. That's why I haven't set anything in stone. On top of those things I'm paying out of pocket for this.My doctor choices are still the same as before. Dr Lane Smith in Las Vegas, NV, Dr. Sergio Alvarez Miami, FL, Dr. Vincent Marin San Diego, and Dr. Gabriel Chiu of Beverly Hills . It'd be most convenient to go with Dr. Smith because he's closest and I could maintain visits with him. I've heard nothing of his pricing though. The others are 5-6hrs away not including Dr. Alvarez from Miami Florida. 
As I'd said before this procedure is still guesstimate 2018 I'd previously said for spring but of course that's not for sure. I'll keep updating every couple months or when I discover new information. I've been on here this long with time lapsed information I won't be going anywhere haha.
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No interactions attempted as of yet still saving for another 6 months then will attempt to make contact for a consultation.

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