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(Btw none of the pictures are me) I'll be nearing...

(Btw none of the pictures are me) I'll be nearing 22 yrs old around the time I'd like to have my procedure. It's just something I've wanted for a bit. Particularly i dont like the frame of my body, i have an athletic build on top that tends to disguise the lower half of my body. Im sort of triangle shaped, i have broad shoulders that overwhelm the width of my hips. My breasts i dont think have a major part but could, im a 32FF in bra size. Also having to wear slightly bigger dresses to accomodate broad shoulders that make my hips dissapear. I dont want a huge butt or to have people gawking at me I just want something toned, small, with nice curvature. Basically i want to soften my figure, bring more emphasis to my hips/butt. My butt at the moment is not too bad actually. Most of my fat goes to the middle but not on the top or sides so it appears flat in clothing I wear. Or more noticeably theres no visible shape. Another thing is that I'm trying to get this procedure done before losing more weight. I'm just below 5'5 (5'4 an half) and fluctuate 145-150 pounds. I lose weight quite easily and working out consistently is part of that. I'm afraid that I won't have enough fat for the procedure. Im looking to get 700ccs or more in each buttock. I was initially looking to go to Mexico but I travel so much I feel that the Las Vegas area or surrounding state would be a better option as far as safety and less travel expenses. I'm still researching doctors so I have no one in mind but input would be great.

Soo I've just been looking around for potentials...

Soo I've just been looking around for potentials the past month or so. I've narrowed them down to 4.

Dr Dennis Dass - Beverly Hills,CA ~ 10k $ Dr. Sergio Alvarez - Miami,FL ~ 6k $ Dr. Vincent Marin - San Diego ~ 10k$ Dr. Ron Hazani - Beverly Hills,CA ~ 9k $ I do have one wild card who would be right in my backyard as far as distance goes. Dr Lane Smith - Las Vegas, NV ~ 7k $ I do realize costs vary due to details of the procedure but I didn't take into account recovery house and other miscellaneous expenses such as food, possibly travel, and items for post op care. They are somewhat included in these costs. My initial budget is 8,000$ spending more than that sort of terrifies me. I'd rather get this BBL done before I settle in career/home wise rather than have my coworkers looking at me sideways with disgust/jealousy. Being I'm still young I'm still working on building credit and a loan isn't an option but I have a stable job so saving 6k wouldn't be difficult. Just worried I'd have to push back my date even though it isn't set yet lol. As far as setting a date im still saving for the procedure but ill be moving for work in 6 months and am not sure when i could take off work for 3 weeks at my new location. So the date is a rough estimate at when id like. Besides that I'm worried about having to travel after recovery. I already work a job having to sit on my butt all day but a few hours on a plane by myself worries me particularly during recovery. I move so much I don't have time for friends and my family would never approve so as far as support system goes I'm alone on this procedure. I'm totally fine with it as I like being by myself anyway. As far as men go I get approached often and id rather hurry and get this done so I don't have to worry about whether he'd approve or not.  As of now I'm 5'5 145lbs

I've been in the research phase so long.

I know this has to be the longest time someone has been on here considering a procedure. But I've been forced to wait on planning anything out because of mandatory job engagements. First I haven't interviewed just yet because I'm going through a career development phase in which I could potentially get moved out of state. The 2nd being that I have to schedule my procedure around mandatory preset physical training tests which I won't have knowledge of until this summer. The third being im not sure just yet of when I could take off of work to get this procedure done which I won't know until August this year. I'll need a pretty good explanation to my Military supervisor as to why Id take 3 weeks from work. And plastic surgery wouldn't be the most deserving answer. That's why I haven't set anything in stone. On top of those things I'm paying out of pocket for this.My doctor choices are still the same as before. Dr Lane Smith in Las Vegas, NV, Dr. Sergio Alvarez Miami, FL, Dr. Vincent Marin San Diego, and Dr. Gabriel Chiu of Beverly Hills . It'd be most convenient to go with Dr. Smith because he's closest and I could maintain visits with him. I've heard nothing of his pricing though. The others are 5-6hrs away not including Dr. Alvarez from Miami Florida. 
As I'd said before this procedure is still guesstimate 2018 I'd previously said for spring but of course that's not for sure. I'll keep updating every couple months or when I discover new information. I've been on here this long with time lapsed information I won't be going anywhere haha.

End of the Research Phase (April/May)

I'm moving in 2 weeks. Per my last post yes it's for my job. Once I've settled there I can begin my planning phase for consultations with the same doctors I've been looking at for quite sometime. Ron Hazani of L.A. , Dr Gabriel Chiu of Beverly Hills, and Vincent Marin of San Diego, CA. Ive finally narrowed it down to the 3 doctors. I'm still saving for the Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery 8$k is my goal for now which may be raised to 10k$. I'd have to save around 670$/month. It's not an amount im used to saving but it can be done. Lately I've just been saving around 300$ per month. As far as surgery date. I'll be able to narrow that down more in my next post. As for my weight I've lost a little bit which isn't a big deal at this point since I have plenty of time to figure things out. I'm 5'4/5'5 140lbs. I'm also debating switching surgery to winter 2018 so that Im able to conceal my compression garment for the 3 months post operation. Having to wear that garment during the summer would suck. Also as I stated before I have to plan this procedure around military fitness tests which are every 6 months or a year. I won't be able to work out after surgery for some time so I have to make sure I give myself at least 4 months of time to recover and get back into things. So now that I'm sure It will be California for surgery in the next couple months I can factor in transportation, recovery house, and extra items I'll need along with the doctor costs after I settle in my new place and new schedule for my job. And I will be able to note if I'll bring a friend along for mutual support for my surgery since I'm positive my family wouldn't support this. My family doesn't even know I'm going through this and they won't know until it's done. I think I'm on the right track as far as things go. I'm down to 3 doctors and now i will have some time for planning these out for transportation, things I'll buy for recovery, recovery house, and hopefully clothes will fit. My previous wish picks still apply I'm looking for more hips and rounder butt which Dr Chiu or Hazani would be perfect for. I'll be 22 when I get the surgery hopefully. I'm also hoping my military uniforms will fit it's a gamble because I'm sure ppl will notice.

Starting the Planning Phase

So I just moved a couple weeks back. I took time off work to visit family in another state. So I'm back working in Las Vegas. I'm still focused on the 3 doctors I'm interested in.
Dr Gabriel Chiu ~ Beverly Hills,CA $10k
Dr Ron Hazani ~ Beverly Hills, CA $9k
Dr Bryson Richards ~ Las Vegas, NV $8k

I've narrowed the surgery down to the earliest my surgery date can be being February 2018. I still can't set a date because I will be getting deployed for 3-4months. When? Not sure. I'm told as early as this fall and as late as February which means i should aim for next summer at the latest for my procedure. I honestly want to do it right after I come back from deployment that way I don't get any 'shock' from coworkers. Id like to take about 3 weeks from work.
I am always curious about payment options. I can save the money but that could take a bit longer (Another year) I'm interested in options besides care credit. I may call all three offices and see if they have any other options. Besides that I'm still seeking to work out an arrangement on where I should stay for at least 2 weeks in L.A. after surgery. If I take a plane it's going to be a short ride about 30min I'm sure. But factoring in the cost of a place to stay would be helpful. The pictures attached to these men are their work of course. I want a butt similar to these. A bit more hips added and a shelf butt. I'll know most of this in my next update in a month (July)
I am researching transportation(flight and uber), hotel/temporary 2 week stay, 500$ for spending, 1000$ for products I'll need for recovery. So that's about 12$k breathing room. For the procedure.

So I put together a complete list of expenses

I'm likely going to go ahead with Dr. Hazani. I also reached out to Dr. Gabriel Chiu but I was given an automated message so I chose not to go with him as for Dr. Bryson Richards he's a last minute option in case things don't fall through. goes. I still can't set a date so I won't until I'm 100% sure thanks to the unpredictability of the military. But I'm still aiming for next spring. I contacted Dr. Ron Hazani, he responded back with an email to call and schedule with front desk if I wanted to set up a consultation. I haven't due to the fact I can't set a date. I won't know for a few months because I'm supposed to deploy and in case my date changes in the next few months I can't set anything. But I'm still saving up so I figured why not go ahead and make a list of items and costs for the procedure for me overall. So I'm not short anything when I decide to go ahead and book him.I won't be including packing list items just a general ballpark. Here is what I came up with:
Ron Hazani BBL - 8000$
Hotel - 1500$
Uber - 200$
Food - (10 days) 450$
Plane ticket - 100$
Miscellaneous (doctor charges or emergency) - 2000$
Grand total - $12,250

I will ask him about arm lipo when i get there so i added about 400$ to the duscount he has. I did research before I did this list and found 2 hotels I was interested in of course Beverly hills the best price I could find was 172 and 93 per night. I'm interested in staying at least a week. Actually 10 days at the latest so that's what my hotel estimate is based off of. I am also looking at rooming with someone I know in L.A but we will see. I'll be going alone and I'm not sure if Dr. Hazani would be able to provide transportation for me or not so I guesstimate an Uber I'll be making maybe 3 trips to his office and the hotels I looked at are actually 5-8min away so I guessed what rates I've gotten before. So I just threw out the 200$. Next we have with here I just guesstimate the most expensive amount id pay for 3 meals per day for 10 days which was 15$ per meal. L.A is expensive so be prepared is what I am for. I probably won't eat much after surgery anyway so that will likely reduce. Plane tickets from Las Vegas to L.A. are really cheap I got 70$ when I looked it up so I round up in case I have to book that last minute. The plane ride is an hour long. I thought itd be like 45 min since theres only a 6hr drive between las vegas and L.A. but whatever. I still could be right. The miscellaneous includes massages, garments, tests and other things I decide to purchase before or when I get there.

Good News and Fitness Concerns

So im going to be stationary for a good amount of time now. Im not going overseas anymore. I will admit i was a little upset about it, but it wasnt punishment for anything i was just moved to a different department. So i now have the freedom of picking a surgery date. Of course it will have to be planned months in advance but at least now i know i have extra breathing room. I still have to maintain fitness standards and schedule the surgery around that, but this takes a huge weight off my shoulders not having to schedule around a business trip. Ive decided to wait until October for a consultation. only because Im getting a new car and ill have a better grip on my finances after that is taken care of and i can project when ill have everything saved up. (unfortunately there is no way around not getting a new car). My doctor picks are still the same, unless something magical happens Dr. Hazani of beverly hills is still my #1 pick. My goal in savings is at least $6000 and i will likely go for Care Credit since i can pay them back because im financially secure. The cash will go towards all the extras like travel, food, massages, supplies and hotel. Care Credit will be the cost of the surgery itself. So first i have to save $6000 and im positive i will have it all in time for the procedure next year. Like i state repetitively i have to schedule this around a fitness test. I will have to complete a long distance run, situps and pushups for my occupational mandatory fitness test. They expect us to be at a certain level and of course if i cant reach that, it would cause me alot of trouble with my boss....especially if my only excuse is that i just had a personally motivated cosmetic procedure. I have to have a fitness test around every 6 months depending on how well it goes. So i have to either take the fitness test right before i fly out for surgery or make sure i give myself at least 5 months to recover and be ready for my next fitness test. I struggle with long distance running honestly but im also hoping the surgery wont severely effect my sit-ups. As far as pushups go i kinda would like arm lipo. But if my fitness standards arent what i like it to be by surgery time id rather not put that much strain on myself to by getting arm lipo. Id like to give myself 3 months to heal before going back to working out. Ill be more at ease and wont worry about losing any fat from my butt.
As far as why i want the procedure once again is because i have an athletic shape and its really obvious when people see me from behind. I was very athletic (not so much anymore) and pairing that with family genetics the women in my family have V shaped Torsos. My shoulders are very obviously more prominant than the rest of my body and i will never be able to wear smalls because of it and my triple D boobs. I have what most females call a softball/gymnastics body you can tell my upper body strength is there by looking and i dont even flip or lift weights in over a year. my hips and legs may as well be invisible and i get asked often if i played sports (after ppl walk behind me usually). So im getting the procedure to subdue my embarassingly wide shoulders and give myself a more feminine figure. At first i debated just getting all the fat put into my butt but it will be smarter to go more for the hips then butt. My consultation should be scheduled and ready by my next post. Ill keep you updated ;) im so excited

No interactions attempted as of yet still saving for another 6 months then will attempt to make contact for a consultation.

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