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(Btw none of the pictures are me) I'll be nearing...

(Btw none of the pictures are me) I'll be nearing 22 yrs old around the time I'd like to have my procedure. It's just something I've wanted for a bit. Particularly i dont like the frame of my body, i have an athletic build on top that tends to disguise the lower half of my body. Im sort of triangle shaped, i have broad shoulders that overwhelm the width of my hips. My breasts i dont think have a major part but could, im a 32FF in bra size. Also having to wear slightly bigger dresses to accomodate broad shoulders that make my hips dissapear. I dont want a huge butt or to have people gawking at me I just want something toned, small, with nice curvature. Basically i want to soften my figure, bring more emphasis to my hips/butt. My butt at the moment is not too bad actually. Most of my fat goes to the middle but not on the top or sides so it appears flat in clothing I wear. Or more noticeably theres no visible shape. Another thing is that I'm trying to get this procedure done before losing more weight. I'm just below 5'5 (5'4 an half) and fluctuate 145-150 pounds. I lose weight quite easily and working out consistently is part of that. I'm afraid that I won't have enough fat for the procedure. Im looking to get 700ccs or more in each buttock. I was initially looking to go to Mexico but I travel so much I feel that the Las Vegas area or surrounding state would be a better option as far as safety and less travel expenses. I'm still researching doctors so I have no one in mind but input would be great.
Still debating

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