beautiful mini facelift procedure - Las Vegas, NV

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To feel better about myself. I hope that this...

To feel better about myself. I hope that this review may inspire women that might be thinking about a mini facelift but are afraid to take the plunge.  For me it was a process and an experience I cherished because when the dressing came off and I looked in the mirror, OMG, I could not believe the improvement (and that was the day after the surgery).  I thought if it’s this good TODAY how much better it’s going to look in a few more weeks?  I’m still giddy with excitement as I write this.  Did it turn back the hands of time?  You bet it did!

My experience was great.  Dr. H is a superbly talented and meticulous plastic surgeon.  One thing I know FOR SURE is that it’s really important to look as good as you feel at any age… and I really DO look as good as I feel.

Henderson Plastic Surgeon

When I met Dr. H I knew instantly that I wanted him to do the job. I can’t tell you why exactly just a feeling that I had. I felt comfortable and secure and, of course, his credentials were impeccable. I trusted him immediately and that was more important to me than anything else. Dr. H’s team of professionals were amazing. Each one of them treated me as if I was their ONLY patient. I never felt rushed and all my questions and concerns were dealt with thoughtfully in every instance. Thank you, Bambi, Susan, Amy, Diana, Dee Dee, Chelsea and Karen for making me feel special. Bambi is an extraordinary nurse and I have such gratitude to her for her care and allowing me to call her on her cell phone if necessary. Nurse Amy not only answered my bazillion questions, but also showed me how to make hands-free ice packs with nylon stockings and frozen peas – GENIUS!

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