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I had Radiesse injected into my cheeks a couple...

I had Radiesse injected into my cheeks a couple months ago and LOVED IT!! After several weeks and the swelling went down I felt I could use some more. My doctor was having a special, yesterday, 2 for 1. SO I had more Radiesse placed in my cheeks. Having some product left over after satisfying my cheek area the Dr. suggested putting the rest in my frown line area; the corners of the mouth that droop down. I consented.....BAD IDEA!!!!! Because I didnt have my nasal folds done and only the cheek area, the frown line area plumped up and enhanced the nasal fold lines.

Having the cheeks done did give a lift to the folds, but having the frown lines done second, pushed the skin around my mouth up causing the lines to be more evident. I think if the folds were done before the frown lines, the skin would have pulled up giving a lift to the frown making it less noticeable and maybe not even going there with the product..........

Anyway my husband, who didnt even notice when I had my cheeks done the first time, asked what happened to my mouth (I told him), says I look like the Joker from Bat Man....NICE!!!

That said, I think the more knowledge/experienced the Dr. is about the product, the better off you will be....I still Love IT!!

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