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I was very exited about Lipodissolve and had about...

I was very exited about Lipodissolve and had about 7 treatments done on my outer thighs. The first five treatments, I saw absolutely no results. I had went in for my 6th treatment and was told by the nurse that I should have been seeing major results by then and they proceeded to inject double the dose. With the double dose, I experienced double the pain. I was down for 3 days with the double dose. I went in for the seventh treatment and again got a double dose. Throughout all of the treatments my thighs swelled up so huge and tight that I notices several veins had burst in my upper thighs and are not going away. I have not gone in for the rest of my treatments because I seem to have gained a substantial amount of weight and most of it has been in my outer thighs. I now have burst veins, huge outer thighs, and way more cellulite than before I started. I am extremely unsatisfied with the results and am going to try to get a refund. I have heard this is a major struggle, so I am prepared for the wort. I hope that in the end, every thing will work out.
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