52 Yr Old, Upper/Lower Bleph for a Refreshed Look! - Las Vegas, NV

I've noticed over the last year or so that I just...

I've noticed over the last year or so that I just can't get rid of the tired look, no matter how much makeup I use. I had to raise my eyebrows to see better, or to look like I wasn't angry. I also developed bags under my eyes, both from age and (I'm guessing) stress at different times in my life. After researching fillers, I decided that they were too expensive for a very short term result and started to look into upper and lower blepharoplasty.

Before pics

Here are some before pics. Due to excess skin, you couldn't see makeup on my eyes no matter how much I used. Plus I had to raise my brows to see or to look happy. My lower bags are likely due to years of allergies, age, and well earned stress!

Post op

Here are a few photos of the day after and days two and three. No pain, just swelling. Using lots of lacrilube to keep sutures moist.

Days 3 to 5 post op

Redness and swelling going down. Only iced for two days per doc. Steri-strips support the lower lids to reduce any droopiness. Lacrilube is my best friend.

Six days post op

Still swollen, no pain. I am excited to have eyelids that I can see again. I knew my eyelashes were under there somewhere!

Stitches out! Day 7 and 8

Not going to lie, getting the lower eyelid stitches out was very uncomfortable. It look two tries, since I had him go back to those after I took a few minute breather. The top stitches weren't too bad. Glad to have those out so the healing can continue! Lacrilube for two more days only.

Days 8 and 9

Continuing with lacrilube. Left eye is more swollen than right, but they're both improving. Steri -strips are to give the lower eyelids support and reduce droopiness.

Days 10 to 12

Still healing. Scars are less swollen than right after getting the stitches out. Bruises under eyes are going away slowly.

15 to 19 days post op

Here are a few updated pics. Dr said to massage the upper eyelid scars by lightly pressing them into the eye socket bone for about a minute each day. This is supposed to help them flatten a bit faster. The scars have been quite red the last few days, maybe from being outside, but not sure.

Three weeks post op

Massaging upper eyelid scars a bit each day. I generally do this before I go to bed. Scars feel somewhat tight now. The scars at the outer edges of my eyes are a little thick, so I'll ask the doc about those and hope they flatten soon. My outer eyelids seem to pull down a bit, so I'll talk to the doc about that too. I don't want a Syl Stallone look. The scars are red right now, so it will be interesting when I go back to work, as I'm not ready to put any makeup on them. I wear glasses, so I'm not too worried. So, the healing adventure continues!

Four weeks post op

Happy Saint Patrick's day! So here are some photos from four weeks after surgery. This is the first time I've worn eye makeup in a month. I HAVE EYELIDS! Brown eye shadow and a bit of liner only. We'll see if I can wear it all day or if the scars get irritated. Three days ago I went for a follow up visit, and I'm apparently healing a bit slower than most, but still healing well. Doc gave me three steroid injections in the upper eyelid scars to help the scars flatten. No "massaging" those scars for another week. Also, the little bumps at the outside of each eye are tiny internal stitches that will dissolve. They are there to give support to the lower lids during healing. Scars are still a bit red, but doc said that's normal and that they will fade. I put a bit of concealer on the lower eye scars, Very happy with results so far, looking forward to continued progress!

Before and Four weeks post op

So... this photo collage app is just too addicting! Here's a side by side. The before pic is from my consultation, and the second is from four weeks post op. Oh my goodness, is that the same person?! It is difficult to find photos that have the same lighting, background,etc., but I think the improvement is quite evident. Whoo Hoo! I knew my eyes were under there somewhere!
Las Vegas Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Paul Lanfranchi and his team, Ryan, AJ and Dee Dee, are the best at what they do! Dr. Lanfranchi specializes in Facial plastic surgery and rejuvenation only. He was my second consultation, and he inspired trust and confidence from the first discussion about my goals. I booked my procedures for upper and lower blepharoplasty, as well as a lower face/neck lift. Dr. Lanfranchi, in my opinion from experience, does the best, meticulous suturing I've seen on this site. I did not want any staples in my skin, stitches only on the outside of my lids, and nearly invisible scars after healing. My procedures were under local anesthesia and virtually painless. My recovery has been relatively easy, and all follow-up visits have been very helpful. They never rush you, make sure to answer every one of your questions, and treat you with respect. All outcomes are described to you realistically, with natural results as the goal. I highly recommend Dr. Lanfranchi and his team to anyone considering facial plastic surgery. If you don't live near Las Vegas, it's an easy flight from just about anywhere!

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